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 CIA Headquarters [Open]

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PostSubject: CIA Headquarters [Open]   Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:11 am

Walking down the hall of the CIA research lab headquarters, he was going to a conference room to interview with a possible addition to his laboratory research group. While the person he was interviewing did not know it, they were interviewing for a guinea pig position essentially. While he had to go over their records still and check their frame of mind he was going to be testing a new type of nano-augment. It was different than the original ones he himself had been injected by, after all his were permanent and their numbers would continue to grow inside of him. He was going to be testing a nano-augment that would hopefully increase the running speed and endurance of someone for about twenty minutes. He had derived the new nano-augments from himself.

If this testing worked he was going to be taking a jet into what used to be Berlin and retrieving the materials he had left in the underground BND laboratory he used to work at. After all he could return to modifying his former research now that he understood the implications it has having. The first thing he needed was the growth rate models from the chimpanzee testing he had done, after all that should tell him what was going to happen to him. He was going to gather everything from the lab and then once he found the usefulness of the CIA over he would take it and move to his own location he had been setting up with funds he had been moving around from his research to develop a laboratory he would need to continue his research on his own. He had used it to renovate a building nearby to his needs, creating a shell company that held it and was using it for now. It sold pharmaceuticals, which was a perfect excuse to everything being shipped in. He could hide what he needed alongside with the normal medications they sold. The whole building would easily be transformed when he needed it from pharmaceutical company to private research facility.

Back to the business at hand he continued down the hallway and over to the receptionists and picked up the medical and psychological profiles of the canadite. It seemed that they were compatible in the basic areas, he thought with a quick glance. It was time to meet this canadite. He opened the door and then spoke while he was still glancing over the two files. “My name is Aitrus Von Eroköse and I will be conducting your interview for this position. Let’s get started why don’t we.” With that Aitrus sat down and looked up across the table at the canadite.
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CIA Headquarters [Open]
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