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 Purpose [Soul; Open]

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Addison Li


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PostSubject: Purpose [Soul; Open]   Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:57 pm

The realization took a long time to sink in and for the most part, Addison spent her first day in the United States of America sitting dazedly on a bench, in a park just on the outskirts of the more populous area of the city. She was safe. Perhaps not forever, but just for a while. Her paranoia did not feel like it would dissipate in a day or two but the threat of spirits was significantly lesser in the US. They could be in disguise and an attack was impending, but that knowledge had been carefully set into the back of her head for now. Addison leaned back into the bench, silently grateful for the spirit who'd given her the ability to teleport. It hadn't lasted for long - it was even harder to hold onto than other abilities - but it had gotten her out of Russia.

Once in the US, she'd nimbly picked someone's pocket and was now clad in a new pair of jeans and a gray tank top. She had picked more pockets since then, checking into a random motel just to sleep and bathe at the cost of someone else's money. Amoral, but it was a necessity. For the first time in months, her hair felt soft beneath her fingers, there was no grime anywhere on her body and her feet weren't bleeding from walking so much. Her face was clean and she'd even tried to put on some make-up but had jabbed herself in the eye and promptly given up.

And now she sat on a bench in the city that was as alien to her as Vince Terram, feeling more light-hearted than she had in months. Except that there was still the distinct feeling that she didn't know what to do now. She was safe, she was healthy, she was alive - what now?
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PostSubject: Re: Purpose [Soul; Open]   Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:37 am

What had just been nothing more than a rat scampering down the street soon zipped into an alley. A few seconds pause and someone walked out of that same alley. Now she stood a full-sized teenage girl with the trademark appearance of a light demon. There was one thing that just about everyone would recognize about the girl if it was their first time seeing her. That thing that stood out above her other traits was easily her perfect white hair. It's extensive length essentially only went down to around her waist area. However, she could easily extend it's length to exceed her height if she got into combat with this new arrival by controlling and hardening her hair to attack the person or defend against an attack, if he chose to assault her, through the use of her avid shape-shifting abilities. Her hair was easily characterized as being soft, clean, and well kept. Although she rarely took little more than basic care of it, such as washing it, it somehow took on a beautifully elegant appearance.

Her second most recognizable trait would be her gleeful red eyes that seemed to be slightly larger than others. Her large eyes were child-like in nature and easily conveyed her inner insanity, especially since they were accompanied by her sadistic grin. Her facial expression was usually nothing less than childish and psychotic, this situation was no different, even if this person managed to harm her painfully, she would maintain such a gleeful expression. Due to the fact that her psychotic natures lacked any feelings of shame, her choice of clothing attire could be called nothing less than revealing. A dark black bikini top that was dotted with the trademark red cloud of the Akakumo along with very short shorts of the same color and pattern comprised her basic clothing. The front of her shorts were completely unzipped, increasing the revealing nature of her clothing, due to her losing the zipper a long time ago and now being incapable of zipping it up.

Besides her bikini top and shorts, she also wore pure red leggings, colored very similarly to the color of blood, that started half-way down her thighs and extended all the way down to her black heeled shoes. The heels were approximately an inch tall and had a thick blood red line that ran along the bottom, simulating an effect of her walking on blood. Above her bikini top was her black hooded cape, patterned with the same red cloud insignia as her bikini and shorts, that hung loosely along her shoulders and upper arms. Running along from underneath the cape all the way to her wrists were her pure red sleeves that were not particularly attached to anything but instead clung to her arms. These sleeves looked as though they'd been washed in blood daily, giving them such a bloody hue. They had long frills at the wrist area, giving them a slightly aristocratic appearance.

Along her lean five-foot six-inch body, a fairly short height for someone of her age and skill level, she possesses no more than one tattoo. Although it was not necessary permanent due to her having complete mastery over her body and its appearance, it was etched into her skin none-the-less. The tattoo was a '02' which sits approximately four inches tall on the lower right of her waist. It blends rather well with her skin and can be difficult to spot many times. The 02 signifies her position in Tasogare as the second-in-command. It was a rather defining quality of her appearance as most people recognize her as the second-in-command by merely spotting the tattoo of '02' as rumors have spread of it. There were no other 'permanent' tattoos that she ever has on her body, though she fakes some at some points for recon when she modifies her appearance.

Her skin was exceptionally pale compared to others, especially compared to the otherp erson in the room. Although she was a half-breed and roughly half of her DNA was that of a spirit, her skin could almost be described as literally white. She had her human teeth hidden behind her retractable, much sharper, demon teeth. This meant that she intended to devour something. Luckily her digestive system was also that of a spirit, which meant that she would easily be capable of digesting said humans, may even the one who sat in front of her. Her body figure, as many would notice, was very curvy. Her slender body combined with her pale complexion had led many less intelligent people in the past to aspire that she was a vampire of some sort. It was unlikely that the person would be able to peg her as a half-breed as most believed half-breeds to appear gruesome and disgusting in appearance. However, her pale skin would definitely stand out.

The leader of Akakumo took short strides forward in the general direction of the human who sat on the bench, her gleeful giggle sounding above the noise of the surrounding people and even the noise of the street. She leaned down to the girls head and gave a nice, long sniff. "Hm. It seems you've been to Vince Terram." the half-breed giggling, stepping back. "Although it's feint, you still carry the scent of spirit on you." Soul smirked, showing off her acute sense of smell that had yet to worn off from being a rat not too long ago. Even though this girl had bathed, the smell was still there. "However did you get from Vince Terram to the United States? And so quickly as well." she gave a light whistle, showing a false sense of being impressed.
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Addison Li


Posts : 18
Exp Points : 110
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Join date : 2011-07-28
Age : 21
Location : Bahrain, Middle East

PostSubject: Re: Purpose [Soul; Open]   Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:09 pm

Addison could feel several powerful humans ebbing in and out of her reach, their abilities fluctuating as they wandered too close or too far away from her. She had grown accustomed to her acute senses - her radar, in other words - and could easily focus even if tens of powers were buzzing at the edge of her conscience, waiting to be mimicked. It was only once someone very powerful came near her that she was forced to focus. The same thing happened now. She'd been staring absentmindedly up at the sky, enjoying the warm breeze on her skin that was so different from the biting cold of Vince Terram.

It was the spirit tendencies entwined with her abilities that made Addison glance around, alarmed. Half-breed. The word rose unbidden in Addison's mind, sending a prickle of apprehension running down her spine. She had spent quite some time in Vince Terram, but she hadn't dared to tinker with spirit's powers unless it was absolutely necessary. The only reason Addison was able to identify this girl as a half-breed was because of that one spirit who she had strayed too close to. It was perhaps that almost-contact that had clarified what a spirit really felt like if she disregarded their abilities.

The shrill giggle sounded much too close and it took all of Addison's restraint not to jump. The girl made her uneasy somewhat; her attire making Addison's eyebrows rise exasperatedly. She had long since picked up on the fact that most people in this country were exhibitionists, comfortable in their skins and proud to show it. Heck, there were people like there everywhere. Apparently, this girl was eager to take it to the next level. Her eyebrows rose further as the girl sniffed her hair and she quickly - and distastefully - looked away as her seated position brought the girl's chest right in front of her face. What a spectacular first impression, she thought wryly.

She didn't try to hide her intrigue as the girl picked up on the fact that she'd been to Vince Terram. Addison reached up to tuck a strand of brown hair behind her ear, her fingers accidentally brushing against the girl's side as she did. At once, she felt her shape-shifting abilities swirl forth, techniques rising up in her mind as if they'd always been there. For a second, the mere strength of her powers left her dazed but she recovered quickly. She glanced up at the girl's face once before looking back up at the sky.

Addison decided not to answer her last question for now. "What a keen nose you have." she remarked, with a light smile - not mocking, not appraising. Simply acknowledging. "But then, don't you have that same scent somewhere on you as well?" Addison said coyly, referring to the fact that she was a half-breed. Addison herself had never encountered one before. It certainly was odd - to imagine a spirit and a human together especially in light of all that had transpired throughout the world in the past two worlds. It was unimaginable, almost.
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PostSubject: Re: Purpose [Soul; Open]   

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Purpose [Soul; Open]
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