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 Xaria Braginski the Snow Elf (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Xaria Braginski the Snow Elf (W.I.P)   Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:42 am

Name: Xaria Braginski

Soul Title:

Age: 19

Gender: Female.

Physical Appearance:
Xaria has long white hair that drapes down her back like a blanket of snow. It’s dead straight and has no layers other then her bangs which fall right above her eyebrows. Her deer like eyes are a pale mixture of peaches and purples, decorated by icy eyelashes. To match, her skin is also a pale completion, giving Xaria her ghostly like appearance.

Race: Elven

Personality: She’s a very calm, peaceful elf, born and raised in the snowy mountains of Russia. She is a Snow elf, studying all forms of snow and ice magic. She is usually very friendly and has no problem making friends at all.

Catch Phrase: “Privet!” (Hello in Russian.)

Nation: Russia
Affiliation: Calm, Peaceful.
Grade: Senior.

History: She lost her memories in an incident.
Role-Play Sample:

((I haven’t been given a level so I cannot finish the rest.))
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Xaria Braginski the Snow Elf (W.I.P)
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