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PostSubject: The Noodle Haired Hero WIP   The Noodle Haired Hero WIP EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 4:59 am

The Noodle Haired Hero WIP Basicinformation

Name: Shinji Uryuu
Secondary Title: Noodle Hair
Age: Teenage-19
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
The Noodle Haired Hero WIP 290px-Shinji%3B_Vizard_Training
(Explain in detail here what your character looks like. It should include such things as height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, any distingushing features, and what they wear.)
Shinji has a weird refrence to his body and shape. He always spells things backward and much as such. He is 5"9' and weighs 132 lb's. He appears to have a tie strapped down his neck. He has a awkward hair style that stands out. His hair is a shape of a jaw above his head. He carries a upside down smilie when he's happy. When Shinji frown's he closes his mouth and just puts on a sad face.

He wears a black shirt thats outlined with white stripes. His pants are shaddy blue and his shoes are black. His eye's a brown eyes that displays his outerlect. He has blond thick hair thats shaped like a jaw....Shinji sometimes wears a orange sracrf around his neck if he's felling cold at sometimes.
Sub-Race: Light
Personality: Shinji is a very odd man. Always saying things backwards and turning the problem around, He has a soft calm voice that springs out on others. Odinarily he would say a deep dark voice when he's batling. During his Faction state he has a dark voice state. Shinji doesn't talk about most things anyone woud expect. He dislies most everything and anything. The problems that happened in his life brought him to this state. Shinji is not peaceful...he's not calm and not collected. He is truelly a GrimmReaper like his father. And has no expectations for others.
Catch Phrase: (Does your character have any catch phrases? Optional.)

The Noodle Haired Hero WIP Nationinformation

Nation: Japan
Affiliation: Rogue
Level: (Do not fill out this part of your application until you are given a level by an Administrator.)

The Noodle Haired Hero WIP Backgroundyl

History: Theres no place in battle. Where peace can live. But somwhere deep inside of each of them does. And the creater of this was Mr.Uryuu. Well this isn't the tale about that old character. This is the tale of Shinji Uryuu. The man who had more abbilities then any other. Shinji had two young sisters, Karyui Uryuu. A 9 year old girl. With blue hair and a baseball cape. And Saruki Uryuu, A younger girl that was 9 years old, Blond Hair, Short, and shy. Both of them were kind and genrous to others. Shinji was a loner perhaps. He wouldn't pay attention to most things and was very stuuborn. But all that happened before the death of his mother. Rayi Uryuu. She was the wife of Takamina Uryuu. Aka the mad scientest Mr.Uryuu. Now lets take the time back into the past to rewind what had happened the day before.

Shinji's Past Arc:

It was a day like no other day. The sun gazed upon the Japan. The Uryuu's had lived there for 2 years and now was moving to the united states. Why were they moving? You may ask. They had heard about the war between the countries. And that China was nuked they didn't want to take any chances. They moved to the United states and wanted to join there side. At that time Takamania was holding a sword called a "zanpaktou". His mom had a cape tied to her back and only Shinji was there with them. Shini was a proud little kid. He would love to see his mom. When ever he saw his mom he would flash on happy. Even if he was beat up, mocked, robbed. He would always flash a sharp smile at his mom. His dad at this time was a pervert at this time. But he was a well fought out man. Thats how whenever Shinji saw something sexual he would get a nosebleed.

When they got to the united states they found a new nice home with a new nice school. Shinji would always train wt his old man. They would fight and try to destroy each other. Whenever one of them would get hurt Rayi would burst out laughing. There training days expanded from Weekends to Every moment. Once that Kayuri and Sakruki were born they used to play around and do naughty pranks. They would go out on picnics and laugh togther. It would truelly be fun for the whole family.

But then it happened. On a rainy day after karate, Shinji and Rayi was walking out from the shop. They went down to the bridge. Out in the lake there was a girl standing in the wer. Her hair was pure white and she carried along sword behind her. She walked into the ocean as a huge tide had came up. " Hey you stop!" Shinji said looking out at her. But the little girl his size still walked at the huge tide that growed and growed. " HEY STOP!" Shinji yelled. Rayi pimp slapped Shinji on the head for yelling so loud. Then Shinji reacted when the little girl put her hand into the tide. SHinji an into the lake. " Shinji get back here! " Rayi cried. Shinji made a stop when he could fell the tides power and who was controling it. Shinji's yes widended. The young girl was the one who countrolled it sll along. The girl moved her arm and the tide moved. Rayi appeared infront of Shinji and held out her hands. A crystal beam stoppfd the half of the tide. " So your a Spirit too huh? " The young girl said. " Does it matter? " Rayi said smiling." Don' get cocky " the littl girl grabed another peice of the tide and slamned it ontop of Rayi. Rayi manged to kick Shinji back n land. " No....No....Mom? " Shinji said. The girl disspeared into the tide as Rayi's corpse arrised from the sea flour. Shinji walked up to her body. It was cold...Hard...and good as dead. " This can't be happening....." Shinji said crying. After that day on the police found out a Spririt was living inside of the United States.

Spirit Arc

Shinji threw his suitcase ontop of his bed after a long day of school. He had been working hard there and now was a ol'bucket of rest.DYANMIC ENTREY! Shinji's door broke down as his father kicked in. " What the hell! " Shinji said startled. " ooooo! Springing Punch!" Takamonia said as he punched Shinji right in the jaw. Shinji kicked him in the nuts,grabbed his arm, oppened the window and chucked him right through. Takamonia fell all the way into a garbage can. Shinji shut the window as his two sisters came in. " Hey Shinji did you see dad anywhere? " Sakuri said." Uhm...He went to the bathroom?" Shinji said. " Ya sure? Because the only retard that would break this door would be him " Karuyi said. " Well I never said meantlly he was at the bathroom " Shinji said. All of a sudden the window broke and Takamonia jumped in. He swinged across the floor and into the door again. " Ok threw him out the window.... " Shinji admited. " Well I don't care.." Karuyi said opening the door and walking out. Then Sakuri helped Takamonia up and they both walked out. " Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit...." Shinji said exhausted as he laid down on his bed.

The next morining Shinji arrived in school. " Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhinji!" Quia said as he ran up to him. Shinji elbowed the kid in the stomach. Quia fell down to the floor. Senattive as usual....". Harsuo walked up to Shinji, " SO how ya doing" he said. Harsuo was a tall tan man that had lived in Mexico. He moved here in HorseHeads to live a happy life. Ramji walked up to Shinji as well," Hi Shinji, watcha doing? " she said smiling. She was a young girl, same age as Shinji. She had huge breasts and blond hair. Shinji admired her as his mom sometimes. " I'm doing great guys...." Shinji said. Shinji walked up to his seat as he sat down Suluma appeared infront of Ramji. Suluma was a lesbian, she loved Ramji, and was obsessed with boobs. Suluma gripped on to Ramji's boobs. " Target locked!" Suluma said squishing them. Takaesi appeared kicking her then slamming her with a notebook. Suluma well onto the ground startled by her attack. Takaesi was a young girl with purple hair. She didn't like Suluma's gay acts against Ramji. Ramji and Takaesi had been friends since Pre-K. Shinji sighed at allthe noise as he titled his chair he could see some one outside. She had white hair...and she looked like the same girl....from..."THAT DAY!" Shinji shouted. All the classmates got his attention. " Uhm....Its that Type of Day again.... haha?" Shinji said trying to cover up his acts. After the classmates lost his attetion,Shinji looked outside again. The girl was gone.....

" EXCUSE ME CLASS THERES A NEW STUDENT!!!!!!!!" The teacher rang. The same girl that was outside entered the classroom. " This is Larukria, from europe" The teacher rang aain. Larukria bowed down to the class, "Its a pleassure to meet you all" and as she picked up her head she smilied at Shinji. It wasn't good smilie. But one of those creepy ass clow smilies. Shinji looked awayuickly before he could get second shots. The young girl sat next to Shinji. " Hello Shinji-kun " Larukria said. Shinji ignored her. The other classmates wondered what had troubled Shinji. When school was over SHinji followed the girl. He fid around corners so she wouldn't find him. Finally there was a ware house. She went in it and so did he.

"How long are you going to follow me? It's creepy when perverts want some stuff" Larukria said. " Hey I'm no pervert, I'm just thinking...Your the one who killed my mom...." Shinji said. Larukria turned around and walked to Shinji hugging him. " I'm sorry..." SHe said. " Hey get off me! You killed my MOM! I can't forgive you!" Shinji said. " Not even for a kiss?" Larukria said smiling. Shinji backed away, " A kiss? Hell no!" Shinji said. "Come one just a quick one..." Larukria said walking up to him. Shinji stopped looing into her eyes as she came close to him. FInally they pressed there lips together. Shinji pushed her away, " Hey I'm not here to get a girl friend. I'm here to get answers" Shinji said. " One more..." She said pressing her lips against Shinji again. Shinji pushed her away once more. " Thats it! Tell me who the hell are you and what are you doing here! " Shinji said angeredily. " Since you can't let a girl supress her feelings I'll tell you....I'm a Spirit...I came here to find some one like you..I'm a rogue..." Larukria. " Spirit? huh...Aren't you suppose to be a floatimng thingy?" Shinji said. Larukria nailed him in the balls with her knee. Shinji fell to the ground. " Godamnit..." Shinji said. " Spirits are a proud race jackass " Larukria said not so happy anymore.


Shinji got up from the ground dusting himself off. " Well I'm going home.." Shinji said. That night Shinji went home wit a boner. He spended his last time there again kissing her. Shinji sat down on the bed remembering what she had said. " If you want yor revenge...Get a zanpaktou and fight me 10:00 here". Y
Role-Play Sample: (How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.)

The Noodle Haired Hero WIP Abilitiesandweapons
Do not fill out this section until you have been given your starting level. Base what you put here on your level.
Ability: (One or two names that effectively describe your over-all abilities. Pyrokinesis, for example.)
Description: (Describe your abilities in detail. You may describe how it progresses with each level to make applying for Ability Updates easier in the future.)
Access: (If your abilities are very unique, put here whether it is open for others to use. Things like element manipulation are automatically available.)

Weapon Template:
Quote :
Name: (the name of your weapon, if any)
Type: (sword, shield, nun-chucks, dagger, etc.)
-Sub_Type: (Offensive, Defensive, or Hybrid)
Rank: (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5; based on your weapons power)
Looks: (please provide a picture and brief description)
Material: (the material that your weapon is made from)
Description: (a brief description of your weapon)
Abilities: (any special abilities that your weapon has)

Item Template:
Quote :
Name: [What is the name of your item callled?]
Appearance: [This is optional.]
Type: [This is Medicine, Supplement, Enhancer, or Other.]
Natural Abilities: [What does your Item do? what are the effects? how long does it last?]

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