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 Hikaru Noburu

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Hikaru Noburu

Hikaru Noburu

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PostSubject: Hikaru Noburu   Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:03 pm

Name:Hikaru Noburu
Spirit Title:
Physical Appearance:
Hikaru is quite tall and thin , his height is 180 cm and he weights a little over 74 kilograms , his skin color is pale and he has small night purple eyes.Hikaru has quite long white hair.He has a sharp chin , small nose and a medium sized mouth.He usually wears a black robe over his normal clothing , the robe reaches all the way from his neck to the ground even covering his legs The robe also has a hood which Hikaru wears only when he is outside .Under the robe he has long black pants a light gray shirt with a black long sleeved jacket on it.On the right side of the robe there is a gun scabbard for his weapon.
He is a man of few words.
Hikaru is a calm yet ruthless spirit , even though he enjoy's destroying the ones who are his enemies and those who are against the laws , he avoids killing anyone without any reason.Since Hikaru is very obedient to his superiors he always gives his best on trying to accomplish the jobs given to him . Hikaru always worries more about the mission than his own life and thanks to that he sometimes ends in dangerous situations.Hikaru likes walking alone in the silent forests of earth and devouring those who have messed with the law.He dislikes being in one place for too long and high places.In battle Hikaru usually remains calm and thinks trough his movements.He also tries to learn the strenght of his opponent so he could decide if to fight or retreat.But most times he fights till the end , because he does not want to fail his superiours.
Catch Phrase:
"The darkness in you heart shall be devoured by the beings of light"

Nation:Vince Terram
Level: Level 3

Hikaru was born in the center of the Vince Terran , his parents were both quite known for their medical knowledge and doings.When Hikaru was still young his parents were assigned to some top secret government research , with his parents gone Hikaru was sent to an old lady , who took care of him.For the next 40 years Hikaru lived with the old lady who taught him quite much about the spirits and other important stuff about life.But the most important thing what the old lady taught Hikaru was that he should always be faithful to his superiors and specially to his race.

Even though the old lady's body didn't work properly anymore she was still able to teach Hikaru some fighting which might help him.After ten more years passed the old lady passed away , but before her death she gave Hikaru a gun which is fed by the spiritual energy.After the death of his caretaker Hikaru was all alone and made a plan to search for his parents and than live with them together again as he once did.So he started his adventure with nothing except his gun and teachings from the old lady.

Hikaru traveled for many years trough many places and did not even get a hint about his parents , it was like the almost never existed.Every day that Hikaru spent searching for his parents he started to feel that somebody is following him , at first he didn't do anything about it but when it really started to bother him he trapped the followers.
The two followers were rouges who were after the gun that Hikaru was carrying , they explained that the gun is a very rare item that was used by a strong person thousands of years ago , but after the death of the strong person the gun got lost . It is said that the gun , if used properly , could create massive destruction.

With the talking part over the rouges attacked Hikaru but he destroyed them easily thanks to the old ladies teachings.
Few days after that night Hikaru was approached by another two men who said they were the messengers of the government and are there to invite Hikaru to join them.In that invitation Hikaru saw the possibility to see his parents again , without hesitation he went with the government messengers and joined the Syndicate.

In the Syndicate he started to train hard and evolve his abilities , Hikaru also started to forget his true mission and began to worship the Syndicate more and more , doing everything they asked from him and following the laws , while punishing those who disobeyed them.
After several years of training the gateway to another world had opened and that's where Hikarus true mission started.
Role-Play Sample:
Taken from another forum.

Another sunny day starts as Leo wakes up from his dorm bed , the first two tries to stand up fail , because Leo had an incredible training session the previous day and now his body is quite worn out.After a while Leo gathers all his strength and walks to the bathroom to refresh himself.Meanwhile the school bell rings , with that Leo slowly walked to his bed to check the clock and what he saw there was horrible , the school was about to start and Leo was going to be late.Being late is definitely a bad thing because you get punished for it , so that's why Leo was so afraid of being late.With the fear of punishment Leo quickly searched out his school uniform and got dressed.It didn't take him long to arrive at the school but still too long and he was late , in front of the school gate there was a man dressed in all black waiting for Leo.That man was the president of the disciplinary committee , the person who everyone was afraid of because his punishments were always too rough considering the crime.This time the punishment was extra rough because this was the first day of the new semester.

Do not fill out this section until you have been given your starting level. Base what you put here on your level.
Ability:Lightning creation/control. Hikaru uses this ability with the gun he was given.( the lightning is white)
Level 3 : Using the Spirit gun , Hikaru can shoot a bolt of lightning to a total distance of 20 meters , since Hikaru dosen't have total control over his ability the lightning isn't very stable and might travel in another direction.
Level 4 : The control over lighting improves and with that so does the accuracy , also the bolt gains more strenght and can travel 35 meters.
Level 5 : As the control over his ability evolves even further Hikaru is able to shoot more stronger bolts which travel atleast 55 meters. Thanks to the massive improvement Hikarus accuracy also improves.
He also gains the ability to shoot three bolts in a row - but that drains quite much of his energy and can be used only once or twice in 8 posts.
Level 6 : The control over Hikarus ability is growing even stronger , and shooting three bolts in a row is a piece of cake , and again the accuracy grows.
Access:I guess some people could do it.

Weapon Template:
Quote :
Name:Spirit Gun
Rank: 3
The weapon is quite big , but small enough to be hidden under a robe, the gun must be cleaned after some while.
Material: unknown
Description: The Spirit Gun , it lets you mount any kind of bullets in it.If you happen to have a ability to control and create something than the spirit gun's specialty is that if you load your ability into it , it will transform it into a bullet.
Abilities: It can shoot any kind of bullets.

Item Template:
Quote :
Name: [What is the name of your item callled?]
Appearance: [This is optional.]
Type: [This is Medicine, Supplement, Enhancer, or Other.]
Natural Abilities: [What does your Item do? what are the effects? how long does it last?]

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Hikaru Noburu

Hikaru Noburu

Posts : 16
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Join date : 2011-07-31

PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Noburu   Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Noburu   Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:21 pm

Level 3.
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Hikaru Noburu

Hikaru Noburu

Posts : 16
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Join date : 2011-07-31

PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Noburu   Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:38 pm

Okay I added some abilities.
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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Noburu   Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:49 pm

Approved, but just know that since the lightning is created by spiritual energy and is not natural, it will not move as fast as actual lightning.
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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Noburu   

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Hikaru Noburu
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