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Komakai Shikora

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PostSubject: Komakai Shikora W.I.P   Komakai Shikora W.I.P EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 7:56 pm

Komakai Shikora W.I.P Basicinformation

Name: Komakai Shikora
Secondary Title: Quick Flash
Age: 20
Gender: female
Physical Appearance:
Komakai Shikora W.I.P Vuio2

Komakai is 5'8, she weighs about 140Ibs, she is white skin colour,her hair colour is blonde, her eye colour is blue, she wears black clothing.
Sub-Race: white
Personality: Komakai is kind, respectful, and responsible. She is shy until she gets to know you. She knows how to care for herself and others. She helps those in need unless they are ungrateful and try to take advantage of her. Komakai can sometimes be short tempered, but she is usually happy and hyper. If someone doesn’t do something her way (for example: cleaning) she will either make them redo the job or she will do it herself.

Likes: Komakai loves bubbles nearly to the point of obsession. She likes the sounds of the ocean and rain. She loves sugar sprinkled strawberries and pineapple. She loves eating meat; she would never give up her beloved sausage to become a vegetarian. She enjoys cooking, but she mainly bakes cakes and cookies. She likes spending time listening to dark/emo music and drawing, but she prefers to be with friends. She loves the heat, but she doesn’t hate the cold. She loves swimming, skiing, and playing video games.

Dislikes: Komakai dislikes losing or not attaining her goals. She really dislikes people who are rude and full of themselves. She dislikes people who belittle others for personal gain or pride. She hates twelve grain bread, and mustard. She dislikes annoying girls who gossip all the time and complain about breaking their nails. She also dislikes girls obsessing over makeup, and guys, and how fat skinny girls think they are. She also dislikes pointless arguments.

Catch Phrase: Wanna dance

Komakai Shikora W.I.P Nationinformation

Nation: United States
Affiliation: US Government
Level: (Do not fill out this part of your application until you are given a level by an Administrator.)

Komakai Shikora W.I.P Backgroundyl

History: (

Komakai was born into a family of two brothers and three sisters. Her mother died Kumori was kind and gentle and her father was compelled by her kindness. Komakai witnessed death for the first time at age two when her youngest brother Fuishen suffered and died from a blood illness that was passed along by his father. Only one other child in komakai's family had this illness, and that was komakai herself. The village doctors and komakai's father believed she herself would be dead by age three. komakai prevailed and kept her life, although the illness still affected her abilities to move and live regularly. She often experienced pain from the illness. Her father instilled in her mind that pain led to weakness, and weakness was not acceptable. Because of this, Komakai learned at an early age to hid her pain. Tragedy struck the family once again when Komakai was four. Kumori was killed on an attack to the village, leaving Komakai and her many siblings under the care of her father, Kei. After his wife's death, Kei was relentless and harsh in caring for his children. Two of komakai's sisters, Miah and Sein, died first under the cruel training of Kei. This left Komakai's brother Lea and her remaining sister Lilah. Lea died after receiving a beating from Kei when Kei was angered by a moment of weakness that komakai experienced in training. Lea's death haunted Komakai and she vowed to never let anyone be punished because of her. Remaining in the broken family was Lilah and Komakai. They were best friends; the only friends either had ever had. Both dreamed of escaping Kei's wrath, but this dream never came fully true. Komakai had also hoped of changing her father's actions. She hoped to change him for the better.. For bother Lilah and herself. Her father was not changeable though and Lilah died in an "accident" while training. This left Komakai alone with her father and his training. His harsh behavior and raising led to Komakai's cold outer personality. He is also responsible for her fear of fire and her many scars, primarily the large burn scar on her right arm. Since she received this scar, Komakai keeps her right upper arm bandaged to hide it. When Komakai was 7, her father died. His cause of death is unknown and Komakai refuses to talk about it, although many villagers believe she finally retaliated and fought back to her father's torture. They had known all along of Kei's actions, yet none had done anything to help his children. Growing up and seeing the village's lack of care and compassion led to her development of sarcasm and lack of trust in others. After Kei's death, Komakai was put into the care of the very people she grew up disliking. The village enrolled her in ninja academy and she began her training. All expected her to fail because of the setbacks she experienced from her illness still present in her blood. Contrary to their beliefs though Komakai excelled through her classes and learned the many aspects of her training. Her Ninjutsu studies strengthened her beliefs in kindness and caring and her harsh outer core was slightly broken down. She first trusted others for the first time in a long time when she was placed in her first squad, consisting of two boys named Gehn and Vain. These two became her closest friends throughout her studying and training. During her chunin exams, events took a turn for the worst. Vain, the boy komakai had grown to love, betrayed the team and killed Gehn in an argument. Komakai, under Gehn's request, fled the scene. Eventually, Vain tracked her down and attacked. komakai, in order to survive and to avenge her friend, fought back. Vain lost the battle and died due to his injuries. Komakai escaped virtually unharmed except for a long thin cut on the left side of her face. This cut left a scar that is a constant reminder to Komakai about the events that happened that day. She would never trust anyone easily again. From then on, Komakai was always seen as top of the class material.

Role-Play Sample:

Normal role play samble
Komakai was sitting down watching her cooking shows. When the commercials ended and it showed the end result of all the delicious food, her stomach grumbled. I better get something to eat, she thought. She went to her fridge and opened it. There was only spinach and cheese. She opened the freezer and saw ice and frozen berries. Desperate to find food, she started searching all the cupboards to find just some canned tomatoes. She sighed and did what everyone does: open the fridge and hope something appeared. But alas, nothing showed up. So Komakai decided that she’d go to the store and get a few things to make a yummy supper. She got her wallet, put it in her pocket, and left the house.
She was walking down the street to get to the store, and she became very bored with the plainness of the day. She began to sing her favourite songs. Tell me your weakness. Oh I keep it a secret. Oh come on, just one vice. Okay, it’s vodka on ice. But then there’s women on bikes, or just the women who straddle. Oh now you are a handful. I forgot about handfuls. Komakai began to dance along to her singing as well. The people walking by gave her weird looks.

Once she finally arrived at the store, she bought some Italian sausage and some onions. She paid for it, and then left.
When she got home, she got her pan out and turned the stove on. She spent at least 15 minutes trying to chop the onions, 10 of those minutes were spent drying her tears. She put some butter in the pan and let it melt. Then she put the onions in until they looked translucent. She began to unwrap the sausages by slicing the packaging down the middle and scooping out the meat. She then tore the meat with her hands and placed it in the pan. She made sure that all the meat was fully cooked and then added the spinach. She put some of the canned tomatoes on top of the spinach to help it cook faster. After 10 minutes, the spinach had shrunk down to a tiny mushy blob. She turned off the heat and set it aside. She took a heaping amount of it and placed it in her bowl. She then put grated parmesan and mozzarella cheese on top of the food. She then grabbed a fork and dug in. She flinched in pain because it was way too hot for her.
After she finished her food, she took her dishes, cleaned them, and put them away. She took the leftovers and put them in a container and placed them in the fridge. She took the pan, cleaned it, and put it away. She then grabbed her blanket and sat on the couch to watch more cooking shows.

Komakai Shikora W.I.P Abilitiesandweapons
Do not fill out this section until you have been given your starting level. Base what you put here on your level.
Ability: (One or two names that effectively describe your over-all abilities. Pyrokinesis, for example.)
Description: (Describe your abilities in detail. You may describe how it progresses with each level to make applying for Ability Updates easier in the future.)
Access: (If your abilities are very unique, put here whether it is open for others to use. Things like element manipulation are automatically available.)

Weapon Template:
Quote :
Name: (the name of your weapon, if any)
Type: (sword, shield, nun-chucks, dagger, etc.)
-Sub_Type: (Offensive, Defensive, or Hybrid)
Rank: (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5; based on your weapons power)
Looks: (please provide a picture and brief description)
Material: (the material that your weapon is made from)
Description: (a brief description of your weapon)
Abilities: (any special abilities that your weapon has)

Item Template:
Quote :
Name: [What is the name of your item callled?]
Appearance: [This is optional.]
Type: [This is Medicine, Supplement, Enhancer, or Other.]
Natural Abilities: [What does your Item do? what are the effects? how long does it last?]
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PostSubject: Re: Komakai Shikora W.I.P   Komakai Shikora W.I.P EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 9:31 pm

Fill the rest of the app as a Level 3.
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