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Kaien Shiba

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PostSubject: Kaien    Kaien  EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 7:00 pm

Kaien  Basicinformation

Name:Kaien Shiba
Secondary Title:Rain, Zero
Physical Appearance:
Kaien  Urahara_Kisuke_by_saishuu_hinoiri
Personality: To put it straight, Kaien is very mature for his age compared to a lot of others. He is honorable and kind and desires nothing more than peace in the world. But every once and a while he loves to see some chaos .He was taught this from his father, and beforehand, Kaien was a brat that loved making fun of others and bullying them. With this in mind, Kaien remembers never to look down on anyone to badly.

However, when he gets mad or starts to get a bloodlust he becomes something much darker, much more dangerous and not the forgiving person he was previously. He near completely forgets all his morals due to the thirst for blood since it would already take for him to become angry enough to do so considering how peace-loving he is. Of course, he's not a saint 100% of the time. He doesn't act like god's gift to the world all the time. When around others, he tends to be a bit more carefree, laughing at anything he finds funny, and isn't afraid to joke around with those he considers his friends. Overall, 4 words that would sum him up are kind, optimistic and carefree killer (Somtimes).

Catch Phrase:"Everything Will Work Out In The End"

Kaien  Nationinformation

Level: (Do not fill out this part of your application until you are given a level by an Administrator.)

Kaien  Backgroundyl

History: (This is what has happened in your life. It is optional and does not need to be too long.)

Role-Play Sample:

It was raining out-side as Takashi woke up from a nap he took earlyer that day. He smiled as he jumped up from his bed and looked out the window to see people walking around with their umbrlls. He thought it would be a good idea to get one to because he dosent want to get sick. He wanderd what kinda mission he could get today, he hoped it be a challenging one and not something boring. He wanted to go out of the village and do something amazing. He wanted everyone to know his name and he wanted to make new friends and also fight new enemy's. He wanderd what kind of jutsu they would use and how they would look. He hoped he could find a cute girl or something that could keep him intrested. He also wanted to taste the different kind of foods that there out there. He also wanted to taste different kinds of ramen from other people.

He had a feeling today would be something great. He didnt know how great it would be but he knew something would happen today, that would make him veiw things in a better light. He hoped that wasent a sign of death. He would really hate to be killed so yound, but that only means that he has to be strong enough and try not to get himself killed.

Kaien  Abilitiesandweapons
Do not fill out this section until you have been given your starting level. Base what you put here on your level.
Ability: (One or two names that effectively describe your over-all abilities. Pyrokinesis, for example.)
Description: (Describe your abilities in detail. You may describe how it progresses with each level to make applying for Ability Updates easier in the future.)
Access: (If your abilities are very unique, put here whether it is open for others to use. Things like element manipulation are automatically available.)

Weapon Template:
Quote :
-Sub_Type:Both(Offense and Defense)
Looks: (please provide a picture and brief description)
Description:Zangetsu takes the form a sleek, medium-sized sword. The grip has a gentle decorative bend that ends at a crimson tassel dangling from the pommel. Instead of a crossguard, there is a U-shaped decoration covering the first three or four inches of blade, with a flower petal design just as it meets a red string wrapping. The string is wrapped thrice around the hilt, with a three-loop bow on one side and a folded paper decoration on the other.
Nake, Benihime: This technique is Zangetsu's offensive ability. It fires particularly strong and destructive crimson-colored energy blasts. The energy flows out of the blade and fires at an opponent usually in the arc of the swords swing. The technique is capable of taking on 1-3 easily. But will parry with a level 4 and be over powerd by a level 5.

Chikasumi no Tate:This is Zangetsu's defensive ability forms an hexagonal-shaped "blood mist shield" in front of Kaien. The barrier is able to easily block a attack from 1-4 but a level 5 or consecutive level 4 attacks can break it. This can be called out by Kaien at anytime, from his mind.

Item Template:
Quote :
Name: [What is the name of your item callled?]
Appearance: [This is optional.]
Type: [This is Medicine, Supplement, Enhancer, or Other.]
Natural Abilities: [What does your Item do? what are the effects? how long does it last?]

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PostSubject: Re: Kaien    Kaien  EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 5:05 pm

You may now fill out the rest of your template as level 1
No appearance typed out.
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