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 Aitrus Von Eroköse

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PostSubject: Aitrus Von Eroköse   Aitrus Von Eroköse EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 9:25 am

Aitrus Von Eroköse Basicinformation

Name: Aitrus Von Eroköse
Secondary Title: The Prussian
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Aitrus is a former German nationalist, with classic western European traits. He is 5'9" and weighs about 145lbs. His hair is a brown auburn, with light blue eyes that have a touch of gray in the irises. He quite often is seen wearing a pair of faded dark blue jeans with a blue dress shirt that matches his eyes. Finally he wears a suit jacket with three buttons with he never buttons up and often keeps the top button on his dress shirt unbuttoned. Underneath the suit jacket lays a holster for a pistol on his right side and a place for two additional clips on his left. This is due to the fact Aitrus is left hand and needs to be able to reach across and to his right side to draw his gun. As for sure Aitrus has a pair of well polished black dress shoes. He is very meticulous about his clothes and they are always neatly pressed and often without wrinkles. When Aitrus works in a lab he will take his suit jacket off and hang it somewhere before dawning a white lab coat the goes down to his knees and covers his arms. It seems to be the only thing that is dirty about him is this lab coat.
Sub-Race: German
Personality: Aitrus is precise in everything he does. Often times he always has a plan, for the situation he is in. He deeply mourns the loss of his homeland and has vowed to bring together the remnants of his people together to unite them into a country once again. Aitrus is not one to be above using trickery and manipulation to get others to do what he wants and in fact those are his two best skills in dealing with people. He sees others as nothing more than pawns that he must use in order to accomplish what he wants. Often times this will put him at odd with others if they realize what he is doing. Aitrus also has no problem with killing others to get what he needs or to cover up something they discover. He would do anything for his former country and its people, as they are what he considers most important. Quite often Aitrus is paranoid that those around him are out to get him.

Aitrus Von Eroköse Nationinformation

Nation: United States
Affiliation: Currently the US Government
Level: 3

Aitrus Von Eroköse Backgroundyl

History: Aitrus Von Eroköse was born on March 31st in 1987 to his parents Stein Von Eroköse and Maria Von Eroköse. He was born in Aukrug, Germany. Within this community were many former Prussian nationalist from before the Second World War, his parents included. The children were all schooled together and taught everything normally, but were also instructed in the importance of Prussian history and the Prussian virtues. With these being taught at such an early age the children were all indoctrinated to the Prussian naturalist cause. By the time Aitrus had completed his education at 18 he was fully invested into the cause.

He then attended the prestigious scientific university in Berlin, where most of the programs were given funding from the military. Aitrus worked in the universities nanotechnology advanced research department. It was here he met and began working for the Bundesnachrictendienst (BND). It was here that they had Aitrus to apply his recent work in advanced nanotechnology. They had him working in a lab with supposedly unlimited resources at his disposal. They wanted him working in the area of human augmentation with nanotechnology. For the next seven years he worked and tested on this process moving from the theoretical to testing on animals and watching various affects of nanoaugmentations on them. Developing several different types of nanoaugments for test animals, at least before being told of strange occurrences from other members of the BND he had not moved any farther than that thinking that the technology was not anywhere near for human testing.

Around the end of the year 2011 he heard of something called spirits from other members of the BND and then he was told that he was going to have to test the nanoaugmentations on human beings in the BND soon and to choose some to test. It was then he chose several of the augmentations to test and then notifies his superior. It was then everything turned on him. He watched as two if the military guards came in and then one of them hit him in the head and knocked him out. When Aitrus woke up he was strapped down to the test chair and the vials of nanoaugmentations loaded into the injector. He saw his lab assistant who sneered at him and only then Aitrus realized he had been betrayed to become a lab rat. Soon the treatment began and he passed out from the pain, when he woke up he was alone strapped into the chair. He found the straps had been burned in certain parts and the lab itself was torn apart. He pulled against the restraints and was able to break free one arm, which then he was able to free himself. It was only when he escaped the empty research lab that he found a destroyed Berlin.

The next few years he managed to get himself to the United States where he got a job working for them as an agent of the CIA, due to his training with the BND. It was only know that he was beginning to notice the nanoaugmentations manifesting themselves. It seemed that the dosage he originally calculated was too low for the human body and it took a few years for the replication of the nanoaugments to be at a level that he began to feel and see an affect of.

Role-Play Sample:Aitrus walked down the hallway of the CIA labs and managed to get back to his lab. He took off his suit jacket and hung it on a hanger on the back of the door. He grabbed his lab coat and slid it on and buttoned it up completely. Walking over to his bench he pulled out a syringe and a sterile needle. He proceeded to draw his own blood and then place a drop on a slide and then placing that slide on the microscope and then looked into the microscope. He saw the normal red blood cells and bits of other matter present in blood, but he finally found what he was looking for. The nanoaugmentations were also present and they even seemed to be working on replicating until they would hit some critical mass in his body. He could only imagine what would happen at that point.

Standing up he took the slide and dumped it into a beaker full of bleach along with the syringe full of his blood. He had not actually been to truthful with the CIA upon joining them, he told them that his research was near human testing and would be ready soon. In reality he was using their resources to figure out what was happening to him.

Walking out and putting his suit jacket back on he walked into the office of his new boss and told him he was going out to see if he could possibly recruit some soldiers for testing of a new promising nanoaugmentation. He knew of a secret military base where soldiers exhibiting a spiritual power were being trained. It was his destination and he was going to be using them as his guinea pigs on his latest experiment, a sudden flush of nanoaugmentations that died within a few hours, essentially a temporary performance boost. This was to cover his true purpose of seeing what happened when a body hit a critical mass of nanoaugmentations.

Aitrus Von Eroköse Abilitiesandweapons
Do not fill out this section until you have been given your starting level. Base what you put here on your level.
Ability: Nanoaugmentation
Description: Their are two augmentations that have surfaced at this point. The first is a nanoaugmentations that deals with vision and accuracy. At this point his augmentation has been noticed by Aitrus and he can often see things more clearly from further away. His accuracy with his pistol has also greatly increased. The second nanoaugmentation to appear is his leg muscles while not physically different seem to be able to move faster than a normal person allowing him to run slightly faster and jump higher.

Level 3: (Eye Augmentation)
- Vision increase can read fine print up to thirty feet away.
- Can accurately shoot a match and strike the head lighting it with a bullet.

Level 3: (Speed Augmentation)
- Can run about ten percent faster than most people and for prolonged periods.
- Can easily hop over seven feet.

Access: Unique, muse be injected with nanoaugmentation devices.

Weapon Template:
Quote :
Name: Walther P99
Type: Pistol
-Sub_Type: Offensive
Rank: 3
Material: Polymer frame and aluminum
Description: The pistol is one of the last true made German weapons, featuring a semi-automatic firing, it uses 9mm rounds. Aitrus often keeps hollow tip rounds in the magazines that he keeps in the pistol and on him. Each round contains 19 bullets. The hollow tip rounds are filled with a deadly nanoaugmentation that slowly modifies red blood cells in the bloodstream to take in carbon dioxide and remove oxygen.
Abilities: The nanoaugmentation will slowly over time force an opponent to be short of breath and tire more easily. The overall rate is slow and only shows when a fight is long or an opponent wears themselves down and becomes tired.

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Level 3.
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Aitrus Von Eroköse
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