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 Aoitsuki Academy [LB]

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PostSubject: Aoitsuki Academy [LB]   Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:23 am

Aoitsuki Academy
Founded May 21, 1021

| | |

Welcome to Aoitsuki Academy, a haven for the gifted and talented youths that are currently wandering in society. We do our best to prepare these youths to become bold and innovative thinkers that are able to boldly step into the future and more importantly, to guard against any threat to mankind, be it physical or supernatural, in hopes that one day, the barrier between the supernatural and plain folks may finally be lifted. One thing we don't teach them, however, is to forsake their gifts in order to achieve these goals.

Aoitsuki Academy is the most prestigious school in the world for the study of the supernatural. Magi and alchemists from around the world come to Aoitsuki Academy in order to hone their skills. Creatures of lore attend Aoitsuki Academy in order to control and channel their awesome might. For 990 years, Aoitsuki Academy has been a bastion of the supernatural world. That has begun to change.

Disturbances in the Kyujisho, the source of all magical power, have always been minimal, such that only the strongest of magi could detect them. In recent days, however, disturbances in the Kyujisho have increased in power dramatically, to the point that even students can detect them. What's more, these disturbances are actually beginning to manifest themselves in the physical realm in the form of massive auroras. The Academy's administrators have told the students that everything that is going on is unusual, but not uncommon, but it won't be long until the students realize that they are being lied to.

In reality, the increase in disturbances is a result of artificial tampering within the Kyujisho. The academy does not know exactly what or who is responsible, but they believe the only entity that can actually tamper with the Kyujisho is an organization as old as time itself: HAVEN, the oldest and most powerful anti-gifted crusade. HAVEN was thought to have been destroyed more than 500 years ago, but it seems that HAVEN has returned stronger than ever. Furthermore, it is rumored that there are HAVEN agents that have infiltrated the school in the guise of students and staff alike. The ultimate goal of HAVEN is simple: the complete annihilation of all gifted beings. If HAVEN succeeds in destroying the Kyujisho, the word supernatural will be erased from the dictionary forever.

Ultimately, the fate of the magical world rests in the hands of the next generation of gifted boys and girls. What will you do? Will you fight against HAVEN in order to save the magical world, or will you do everything in your power to help HAVEN achieve its goal. Then again, you can always live blissfully ignorant of the struggle and set your own agenda into motion. Your fate is in your hands here at Aoitsuki Academy.
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Aoitsuki Academy [LB]
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