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PostSubject: Minato   Minato EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 3:42 am

Minato Basicinformation

Name: Minato
Secondary Title: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Minato GodoftheSky
He is 160 cm tall and weighs 48kg. He wears a black shirt and a sleeveless black coat which reaches up to his ankles. He also wears black trousers with matching black sneakers.He also wears gloves which are made from fire proof material and a sliver braclet on his left hand wrist. He is quite muscular and white skinned. He has black hair which reaches up to his shoulders and red eyes which shines when the Sun shine towards them.
Sub-Race: Asian
Minato was a cold and an unfriendly person.He does not like to
get involve with other people's problem.He would hit anyone who
provoked him, and cursed anyone who bothered him. This made him hated by
other people , especially their friends. But , his parents still love
him so his parents decided to teach him to be nice and polite. They had
thought him everything they know and Minato was slowly progressing. Their
parents tried to not pushing him too far. As the years passed by ,
their parents effort was quite futile. Minato was partially rude and cold
and nice and polite. His friends also helped his parents to teach him
a lesson. After a few years , his friends and parents did changed
him. Now , most would consider Minato’s personality to be very laid back
and friendly. He is almost always polite, and will still and listen to
just about anyone. Always thinking of the lives of others before
himself, he often puts himself in harm's way for other people's
sakes.Minato is seen as a true gentleman throughout his ventures, but he
hides the most strife and anger. He is usually nice and polite unless he
was in battle. If he were to be in battle , he will get very serious.
He tries to prove his strength and always try to find out his opponent's
weaknesses but unless he was in a party. He will give chances to his
allies. He is also helpful. He just loves to help other people. If there
were many enemies against Minato alone , he can easily beat up his
enemies but if he was in a party , he will let his friends to kill some.
Deep down he is a rather thoughtful person who enjoys the tiny
pleasures of others. He’s happier watching happy interactions between
his friends then jumping right in the middle of things, only piping in
when talked to directly. There is also a tiny sarcastic, snaky streak at
his heart. He loves to embarrass or shock others, all while down
playing what he’s doing. He can say some rather crude things, but in
such a way that it’s hard to tell. He get’s a kick out of playing subtle
games with others.

But usually, he is quiet, reserved, and generally goes with the flow. Minato's a pretty chill guy and quite easy to get along with, once you look past the whole 'man of a few words' thing. He reaches out to others and gains their trust. He forms bonds with others and helps them out, pretty much only when he's asked to, sometimes even at the cost of himself. Minato is all right with the fact he's either used as an emotional crutch or even a sacrifice. He knows when to give people space when confronted with their own problems.
Through all the different kinds of people he meets and interacts with, Minato adopts the role of the best friend, son, rival, team member, and so on - but when it comes down to it, he's not any of those. Like his power, Minato is everything and nothing at the same time.

However, despite all the bonds and close friendships he's made,Minato is still a loner. He's content on leading his missions in life alone and seems to be fine with this. Any burden, problem, or internal conflict he's got, Minato bears silently. He opens himself in order to let others approach, but he never really lets anyone in. Even in the end, only a very small handful of people somewhat understand him.
Catch Phrase:N/A

Minato Nationinformation

Nation: Japan
Affiliation: Akakumo
Level: 3

Minato Backgroundyl

~Birth Arc~
Parents rushed towards the hospital by using the ambulance. A baby was about to be born.Brought to the ward to have a surgery as soon as they reached the hospital. The lightning stroke and the rain dropped heavily. Strong wind blew which broke some of the window glasses. Soon, a new baby was born in the family. Named him Minato because they lived in Japan. Everyone was very happy especially his parents.

~Alive Arc~

Minato was born on 25th December in a normal family. His mother works as a teacher and his
father works as a manager in a company. Minato wanted to follow his
father's footsteps as a manager in a company , especially a food
company because he loves to eat food. Since his father and mother are
always busy , Minato only walks to school. The school is a stone's throw
from his house. Although they are busy , they also spends most of their
time on their son during weekends.One day , his house was on fire while his mother was cooking. She left the oil too long that it caused a fire. The fire soon reached the gas tank and the gas tank implode. Luckily, Minato and his family are somewhere far. When they came back to their house, they saw that their house was on fire. Their neighbors quickly called the fire department. The firefighters arrived and tried to put out the fire , but it was too late. Their house had turned into ashes. The fire also spread to the other houses but only some parts of the house was destroy. They had no choice as they had no where to live so they decided to move to their cousins who live in the city. All was fine but the tragic incident still haunts Minato. It seemed that Minato's existence was just futile as another incident happen to him. He got kidnapped by a
mysterious person which wore a ski mask , a jacket , and a pair of gloves. His parents took a few weeks to find him. They then
found him in an old cabin. As his parents about to approach Minato,
the mysterious person shoot Minato's parents, in front of his eyes. He
felt angry so he quickly beat the person who shoot his parents. Later ,
that person died. As the years pass by , he decided to
move to his uncle who live in a quiet place. His uncle was a policeman
and sometimes Minato would help him in his investigation

~Akakumo Arc~
After a few years, he met a person. The person asked Minato to go to a place but he refused the invitation.He went back and soon, a postman came. Put a letter in the mailbox and uncle just came back from work. His uncle opened the mailbox and saw there was a letter in there. He opened the letter and was shocked to see the letter was from a criminal group named "Akakumo". The letter was also an invitation for Minato to join the Akakumo. There was also an address but it was hidden. His uncle asked Minato why did he received the letter. He kept silence and did not answer his uncle's question. He read the letter and found an address on the letter. He went there and requested to join Akakumo. Soon, he joined the organization.

Role-Play Sample: Minato was walking at the busy streets of the village. The day was windy and there were so many leaves in the air. Suddenly , dark clouds were coming. Thunder can be heard and lightning can be seen. Then , it rained and soon there was an announcement in the air. " The Hokage had died". People went outside and and some were crying and some just felt sad. He heard many people talking. "The Hokage died?! How?! Now , the village is leaderless". Then , he went to the funeral.Soon , the rain had stopped and there were many negative emotions in the air. He thought that they will soon pick a new leader and what he thought was right. He felt exited and quickly went to the training field and train.As he was training,he saw something coming towards him. It turns out to be a dog. A silver one to be exact. There was also a man looking for a dog. Minato walked towards the man and asked him what kind of dog is he looking for. The man said that the dog is silver in color. Then, Minato showed the man the silver dog that he had just found.

Minato Abilitiesandweapons[/size]
Ability:Ice Manipulation

Ryūsenka (竜霰花, Dragon Hail Flower): When Minato stabs his opponents, a huge burst of ice erupts from the point of contact between Hyōrinmaru and the opponents, encasing and freezing anything it touches except Minato. Minato can then proceed to shatter the ice and his opponent with it.

Level 4:
Zanhyō Ningyō (残氷人形, "Lingering Ice Puppet/Doll"): Minato is able to create and shape a large amount of ice into his exact likeness. It is very life-like as it can appear to bleed. He stated that he can usually only trick an opponent once with it, so he usually saves it for towards the end of a battle.

Level 5:
Hyōryū Senbi (氷竜旋尾, Ice Dragon Swirling Tail): With this technique, Minato swings his sword in a linear direction and creates overflowing ice from his blade in the form of a crescent.

Zekku (絶空, Void Sever): This ability allows Minato to control his Hyouryū Senbi technique and send it up into the air

Level 6:
Guncho Tsurara (群鳥氷柱, Icicle Flock): Minato can transform water into ice and then swing his sword in an arc which fires an array of ice daggers at least 100 daggers at his target(s).

Level 7:
Sennen Hyōrō (千年氷牢, Thousand Years' Ice Prison): Minato creates many ice pillars which encircle him and his enemy. At his command (when he turns his sword 90 degrees counter-clockwise), these pillars then move towards the enemy, enveloping and crushing it. Though this technique is very powerful, Minato infers that it takes a considerable amount of time to prepare, and therefore the distraction of his enemy is crucial in successfully completing this attack.

Level 8: Hyōten Hyakkasō (氷天百華葬, Frozen Heaven Hundred Flower Funeral): This ability is an extension of Minato's power. However, because he dislikes using Tensō Jūrin, he rarely uses it. The ability opens up a huge hole in the clouds through which a large amount of snow falls down on to his opponent. As the snow comes into contact with the opponent, ice flowers sprout all over their body, instantly trapping them in a pillar of ice. Minato claimed that when the last of the 100 petals falls, the life of the one who touched it will be over.
Access: Unique to Minato only

Weapon Template:
Quote :
Name: Hyourinmaru
Type: Katana
-Sub_Type: Offensive
Rank: 3
Hyourinmaru looks like a normal katana with the exception of the guard, which is in the shape of a four-pointed bronze-colored star. Its hilt is light blue and sheath dark blue. The sheath completely dissolves when he draws his sword. The sword is somewhat long, at about 1.4 meters long.
Material: Steel
Description: Describe at looks.
Abilities: His slashes create an immense amount of power which overflows from the tip of the blade, creating a flow of ice shaped like a Chinese dragon. The dragon flies towards opponents and instantly freezes anything it touches. Hyōrinmaru can create multiple ice dragons to attack an opponent from various angles.Minato can also direct his slashes towards the ground and form a wave of ice which rushes over his opponents, overwhelming and freezing them.

Item Template:
Quote :
Name: [What is the name of your item callled?]
Appearance: [This is optional.]
Type: [This is Medicine, Supplement, Enhancer, or Other.]
Natural Abilities: [What does your Item do? what are the effects? how long does it last?]

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Level 3.
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PostSubject: Re: Minato   Minato EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 6:27 pm

As a level 3 I think "freezing anyone it touches" is a bit too OP. If it only freezes the area it touches instead of the entire body, though, I'm fine with it.

Quote :
Tensō Jūrin (天相従臨, Subjugation Of The Heavens): One of Minato's basic powers, as well as its strongest. It allows him to control the weather in the immediate vicinity, or more specifically, control the water in the surrounding atmosphere.

Describe that better. Like, what do you mean by controlled weather?
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