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Elena Vexus Basicinformation

Name: Elena Vexus
Secondary Title: N/A
Age: Looks 21 actually 99
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance:When working, she wears small reading glasses and a white lab coat. The clothing underneath is nothing special and is not the least bit revealing. Elena keeps it professional when at work and attending meetings. Vexus keeps gloves on hand, she keeps her hands well kept and manicured so she does not want them runined by some experiment, especially if its not her own. She also has protective eye ware that generally hang around her neck or on her head. Generally when working she had one or two other scientists that follow her around with clipboards or compouter tablets in order to take down notes or anything she says. There is also sometimes a third which she bosses around and makes them grab her and her assistance coffee or something. Elena really only just likes the taste of coffee, with her systems she can run for ever without sleep, but she needs to seem normal to the rest of scoiety. When out an about, Elena always dresses extremely nice. She wears classy, business clothes and never leaves with out a pair of heels on her feet. Her most common outfit it a white, form fitting vest with one button at the torso and a black collar.. It is meant to be worn with another article of clothing underneath, but Elena normally votes against it. She also wears a short gret skirt with leggins that are a light violet color that match her eyes. Her shoes vary in heels. Never does he wear flats. Only and alwyas stilettos, pumps, and high heels. They always coordinate with wahtever outfit she wears. Generally with this one she wears shoes that are all black with the sole of the heel being a hot pink color, matching her hair. Accessories include a necklace with a gold pendant and matching earrings. On her left wrist she wears three metal bangels. Though it may seem unprofessional, she does not normally cover her shoulder tattoo unless she is at work, mostly because of the long sleeved lab coat that she is required to keep on while in the test areas. Elena always keeps her hands and feet properly taken care of with regular manicures and pedicures.
Average height for a woman her age, she has pink hair with oddly colored violet eyes. Most people just figure she dyes her hair and wears colored contacts. She had a tribal like tattoo on her left shoulder. Elena has model like features in her face and had the one of the most perfect bodies. Though she was not originally like this. When she was born she had blue eyes and beautilful blonde hair. The was nothing special about her body or her face, she was just average. No ugly not super pretty. Only when her self expiraments began taking place is when her appearance began to change. The first thing that was altered was her right eye. It was damaged during World War II and she replaced it with a prototype colored a violet color. Then the two didn't match so she replaced the other one. She now had violet eyes and blonde hair, and she did not like how it looked, so she changed her hair to a bright pink. The color of the hair did not do much for her pale skin tone, so there was a complex string of alterations that were made in order to get the perfect skin tone that would go well with her pink hair. Not only had she changed her skin tone, but she also changed her height, weight, chest size, muscle mass, physically anything she could think of to change, she did. The resulting image looked like something out of a plastic box. She was a barbie. Even though she is almost twice as old as barbie. People she work with normally compliment her on her looks, and wish they were like her where they didn't have to get up and do their hair and make up. Elena generally lies and says that it's a hassel to take care of her pink har and keep it looking nice and healthy, but there is really no maintainence when it comes to her face and hair. As for her wardrobe, she will always go the extra mile when shopping. Sales are for the poor and designer is the only way to go. Though her shopping habits have been drasitcally changed due to the war that has recently been taking place.

Elena Vexus 2nq62ad
(Explain in detail here what your character looks like. It should include such things as height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, any distingushing features, and what they wear.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Pink
Sub-Race: White
Personality: Elena is heartless and is never emotionally attached to anything but herself. It helps her get her work done mostly, but it is also from being around longer and seeing much more than any one that she works with. Though she had not shown her true colors in decades which is a merciless tyrant. However, many of her coworkers view her as that already. She is extremely smart. Even if her appearance does not always say so, her position and bank account surly does. She normally handles problems in an intellectual and serious manner. Elena has a very elegant and sofisticated vocabulary. She tends to view most problems and situations in an intellectual manner, like an academic or a professor, rather than as a manner of life or death, something which leads her to underestimate her foes, which will probably be resulting in her eventual downfall. A narcissist, she tends to be quite confident both in her abilities and her mind and reacts violently to criticism. Ultimately, Elena could be viewed as yet another example of a Machiavellian inspired ruler, with ruthless determination to achieve power, though it cannot be seen from a simple passerby. This personality existed years ago and has been suppressed by time and machinery, now she only wishes to see the stars and end this war.
Elena has relentlessly drilled herself towards perfection and settled for nothing less from herself. This all began when she first started altering her body and looks. Vexus was born as a blonde with blue eyes, and nothing special about her face or body. She was just an average girl. She wanted to look perfect and have everyone envy her looks. It was compulsive how she wanted to change her looks. It started with her violet eyes and then she thought that those looked weird with her blonde hair, so she replaced the blonde with a vibrant pink. Elena saw the super models and how they looked, she knew that it was all mostly just fancy make up and copmuters, but she wanted to look just like them. She changed her looks and 'enchanced' her body for years turning her face back in time. If she ever felt disgusted by what she had done with herself, she thought that there was something that she had missed. An imperfect bone structure or uneven dimples, she always felt that there was something wrong with her one way or another. Vexus is marked by a distinct lack of empathy. Even as a child, she was seen to react with hostility when outdone. This behavior would characterize her relationship with her friends for many years. Although she could show sympathy towards them, she never cared for their feelings and manipulated them as she saw fit. She is prone to asserting herself and her authority in a grandiose way. Elena likes to plan for the future, and always look for the next step. Because of this she is extremely analytical and can process thousands of different situations and out coms in the smallest amount of time. This is partly because of her advanced intellect. Her perfect photographic memory has served her more times than one can imagine.
Though Elena Vexus may seem like a high class, professional scientist from a far, her sanity has deteriorated over the years. After being obsessed with her image and literally tearing her body apart in order to achieve perfection for decades, she is no longer what she used to be. Being a marvelous actress, she can easily act as if she has feelings towards people or things. But when it comdes down to it, she is insane. She had captured spirirts and disected them, sometimes the anesthesia would have no effect on them and she would just have to do the expiraments with them fully conscious. Slicing through the body and just looking around while they whaled in agonizing pain had no effect on her. Seeing hundreds of thousands of people die in wars never sat well in her mind, and all of the information in her head sometimes clashed and her brain overloaded causing points of complete chaos in her body. Elena had tried on multiple occasions to kill herself, but it was only after she had altered her body. Everything was causnig her pain and there were no drugs or anything that could fix it. She looked at herself like she was some sort of monster and that she would only bring destruction to the world. But due to all of the changes she made to herself, there was no way to kill herself and keeping it secret. There was no easily accesible high point at which she could off herself without a crowd. Vexus did regain control of her sanity while parts of her past mind still lingered.The modern world was no place for someone like that, she changed herslef the only way she could. With her technology. Parts of her brain were now programmed to surpress thoughts that would not be accecpeted by society. It had its filters and limitations, but was not absolute. It could be over ridden by an extreme moment of stress or a near impossible situation that Elena would be forced to configure.

Catch Phrase: N/A

Elena Vexus Nationinformation

Nation: United States
Affiliation: US Government
Level: (Do not fill out this part of your application until you are given a level by an Administrator.)

Elena Vexus Backgroundyl

Role-Play Sample:

Elena Vexus Abilitiesandweapons[/size]
Ability: Biomechanical Composition
Description: Elena has a number of increased ability due to her enhancements over the years in addition to the biomechanical cells that she invented, known as Vexellium act as her her defensive and offensive weaponry as well as supplementary abilities. There is a technopatic connection between the biomech cells and Elena allowing them to share information. The Vexellium only 'learns' when it is one with Elena. It cannot change its makeup while formed into a weapon or any other object.

Andoird Enhancement Abilities
Enhanced Strength: Due to her enhancements, Elena has a level of super strength. The amount of weight and stress that she can take is limited, but is still overly impressive.

Enhanced Vision: Alows for vision in light, dark, obscured situations. Visible distace is also higly increased. Eyes can scan area for life using ultaviolet or infrared sensors. Can also track velocity, approximate weight/mass, and other physical aspects of a person/thing. Can lock on to people for perfect aim

Flight: Elena has an anti-gravity system that allows her to fly. She cannot go very fast or very high. Mostly used for combat in order to get higher ground or move long distances quickly.

Enhanced Durability: Allows Elena to withstand high levels of stress. However, there are still areas in which she still has human parts which are more suseptable to damage.

Advanced Thought: In addition to Elena's genius, the cybornetic parts she enhanced her brain with allow her to process information faster than a supercomputer.

Sensor Apparatus: Use in collaboration with the Vexellium and her Nano-Regeneration when/if she is damaged. The area in which she was struck records all the information about the impact and analyzes it down to what allowed the damage to happen. The Vexellium then takes into account all the info about the damage and alters itself so that it cannot be damaged by the same thing again.

Vexellium Abilities

Weapon Creation: Allows Elena to create weapons such as swords, guns, bombs, missiles and other weapons and fire them at will. There is nothing special about the weapons and they all can be destroyed by normal means.

Technopathic Control: If Elena injects the Vexellium into another computer operated machine, the biomech cells fuse with the machine and give Elena remote control over that object. The larger the object the more cells it takes to operate and the closer Elena needs to be to it.

Nano-Regeneration: Any injury Elena might suffer is instantly detected and repaired by the multiplying Vexellium cells, and whatever flaws in her design that allowed the injury are corrected; thus, she cannot be harmed in the same way twice. Though the more that this is used in succession, it become progressivly slower.

Access: Other Andorids only with permission.

Weapon Template:
Quote :
Name: (the name of your weapon, if any)
Type: (sword, shield, nun-chucks, dagger, etc.)
-Sub_Type: (Offensive, Defensive, or Hybrid)
Rank: (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5; based on your weapons power)
Looks: (please provide a picture and brief description)
Material: (the material that your weapon is made from)
Description: (a brief description of your weapon)
Abilities: (any special abilities that your weapon has)

Item Template:
Quote :
Name: [What is the name of your item callled?]
Appearance: [This is optional.]
Type: [This is Medicine, Supplement, Enhancer, or Other.]
Natural Abilities: [What does your Item do? what are the effects? how long does it last?]

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Level 5.
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