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Blade W.I.P Basicinformation

Name: Kei Ryota
Secondary Title: Blade
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Blade W.I.P Mukuro_rokudo1

Blade is just a typical Asian male he has many physical attributes that make him stand out more then the typical Asian male. Blade has a variety of hair styles, one style includes shaping long hair into a pine apple shape hair(Just a note: pointing that out to him might make him mad.) another style is that he ties his hair into a pony tail, this will allow him to fight much easier due to the fact that his hair can freely flow with the wind to a extent where it won't bother Blade during combat. The only hair styles that Blade dislikes is making his hair curly, wavy, frizzy and god forbid he leaves his hair kinky. Though Blade might not act or even look like it but he cares about his hair a lot, may the poor fool that initiates combat against Blade know that touching the hair is probably the worst move you can make. His hair is like his one Achilles heels because of how much he loves it, even though it doesn't look like Blade would care about his hair but he actually does.

Blade has something weird thing going on with his eyes, what I mean is that they don't look the same. Forgive me for pointing the obvious but if you take a look at his right eye it is Red while his left eye is Blue. Some people get confuse and think that Blade's natural eye color is either blue or red but they're all wrong, the natural color of Blade's eyes are magenta. Blade's eyes might not look magenta but when he was younger till he got older something tragic happened, this will be explained in the history so don't you worry. Blade's eye might not be the same color but if you put the color difference aside you will notice his pupils don't even match, it is like Blade has 2 different combinations of eyes. As lame as it sound it is true, though I don't know why that would be lame because it is pretty bad ass, just saying. Blade's eyes are probably one of the many creepiest things about Blade. Blade loves seeing people run for their well being when they see Blade's eye.

Blade's facial appearance might seem appealing only to those of the opposite sex. Blade keeps his face clear of blemishes, scars, scratches and bruises due to the fact that he is always talking to those who control most of the world. Blade might be a spoiled male who keeps himself looking fresh but he knows his way around the world. Blade worries about his appearance a lot because of his all the recognition he gets. Blade has quite a mucronate nose and a nice firm jaw, Blade also has a mucronate chin to match his nose. Blade cares for his face a lot, but during combat he wouldn't mind getting a few cuts or bruises. Though Blade might not look like it but he is actually a pretty violent individual, he is calls himself a unauthorized vigilante. He loves his face but if something serious comes along he tries his hardest to ignore the face and just keep fighting. Combat is probably the only time Blade doesn't try to protect his face, the reason for that is because his life is on stake.

Blade is a pretty fit person, he enjoys staying in shape even though he has a tight schedule. When Blade isn't attending meetings or speaking with a higher up(s) or even doing paperwork he goes into his very own private gym and works out using what ever is available, Blade tries to stay in as good shape because he wants to grow up to be a leader not a beer bellied loser. Though for Blade time is more of an enemy then a so-called ally, Blade weighs around 130lbs and he is about 5"9. When you look at Blade when he is wearing Tuxedo you will probably assume that he is skinny but I assure you he is made out of more then just meat and bones. Blade is based solely on muscle and bones. Blade is also pretty tall making him look much more skinny in the tuxedo. Blade doesn't seem reliable when he is wearing his tuxedo due the fact that he looks skinny and uncoordinated he will prove you wrong in a matter of seconds.

Blade is a pretty vague guy, he lives his life in a giant circle. Even the way he dresses and acts makes him really monotone, but he does this all for the future he wants for this forsaken place the Earth. In this time period the Earth is filled with spirits and the World can't seem to pull it self together due to the many fears the world have. This world serves under 1 thing and it's the government. Enough about that issue, back to the topic about how Blade dresses. Everyday Blade wears the same famous navy blue tuxedo he enjoys wearing to meeting or any other occasions that forces him to dress formally. Blade wears a dark blue dress shirt and a navy blue tie to match the suit. This is the type of clothes that Blade wears when he is doing his duty to the society. Blade wants power and to achieve power he has to look nice, I don't think people would respect Blade that much seeing him walking through some doors wearing his combat gear.

Blade's combat attire is probably one of the things that you never see Blade wear. The reason for it is because he doesn't fight much, he likes solving his problems in a office with a desk and a computer. Though Blade is well aware that he will have to fight a lot to protect this so called earth and the way Blade wants to protect the world is to make this world his. Blade wears a long leather jacket with a loose black tie. Under the jacket would be a white dress shirt which is tucked into his leather pants which is tucked into his leather boots. Blade also has many rings on his fingers when he fights, for some reason it makes Blade feel more tougher with those wrongs on. Blade also holds his trusty trident handed down by his father who was handed down by his grandfather and the list continues.

Sub-Race: Japanese

Blade W.I.P Kuroshitsuji_Mukuro_by_Morgen_von_Shiffer

Formality: Blade has a formal-like personality when he is around people he doesn't know or people who possess more power then him. Blade is usually really formal due to the fact that he was raise in a home with people who were respected and feared. Blade doesn't like showing how he really acts in front of all those people who he admires so much, acting such away will just negatively impact his record. Blade believes that you only get one first impression and that first impression is of what will make you a God. Blade is usually nice and respectful to any buddy, but once he gets to know them he will insult them in such ways you some times can't detect the insult right on the spot but when you think about it you will realize that he insulted you. That formal personality isn't his real personality it is just a mask that he wears to fool all of those who allow Blade to fool them. This formal personality is like a mask, it hides Blade's true personality from the public and the only one who knows about this mask is Blade.

Personality: Blade probably has one of the most darkest personality ever, he will step on anyone to get what he desires. Blade doesn't care if this person is friend or foe because if you're not aware of Blade's action then he will probably stab you in the back and take what is supposedly his. Blade doesn't feel love for anyone, all he wants is World "Peace" but the way to obtain this world peace is to force people to submit and the only way to do that he to become their ally and then their foe. Blade keeps everything serious until he gets what he wants, and when he wants something he will sell anyone out for what he needs. The World Peace Blade wants is nothing more then Full on dictatorship, forcing people to be peaceful. It might not sound that bad but if Blade has to he will execute those who disobey him. Blade has a really disgusting personality, he hides guilt in a box some where inside of his own head and acts like nothing happened. Blade takes many lives and none of them have ever made him crack.

Combat: When Blade finds himself engaged in combat with another person his personality changes completely, some may say he isn't even the same person anymore. Blade fights with all of his burdens in the back. Blade seems much more despicable and a whole lot more unforgiving. Blade ignores all rude remarks made towards him and instead he just insults his opponent. Blade seem much more reliable now and is much more coordinated, he holds a long trident which he uses to fight any enemy. Blade's voice sounds much more deeper and he seems darker in every way shape or form. Blade seems like a psychotic prick who wants to destroy anyone standing in his way. This is the reason why Blade doesn't enjoy fighting but when he has to he will go all out in a battle no matter who it is.Blade doesn't give any one mercy during a battle, if someone who fought Blade came out short then it is their lost. Blade isn't really a spar person he is a life and death risk taker if you know what I mean.

Anger Management: Blade has anger management issues, when I say this I mean that in the most literal way possible. When something doesn't go Blade's way he would pull an all caps rage. Blade would yell in his office and smash a bunch of stuff, Blade is fully aware of his anger issues and doesn't feel like it is important for him to go fix something that isn't really a big deal. Blade could control his anger when he is around other people but when he is by himself he lets himself go wild. Blade knows when is the appropriate time for him to show his anger and he knows when isn't. If someone were to insult in public he would keep it quiet until he got his office, he would first go crazy and then he will think of a way to take care of the one who insulted him, this usually ends in death for the poor soul who insulted Blade. The issue about Blade is that he thinks the anger problem is not because of him, it is because of all the people who think they can best Blade in anything. Blade is in denial, and those who question this will be punished.

Likes: Blade enjoys the world's finest things such as Power. Yes you probably seen this coming but Blade enjoys power, some may say Blade is a power hungry whore and I would totally agree with you. All Blade wants is power and the reason why he wants power is because he promised his Grandmother world peace and he has to achieve this goal no matter the cost, but on the way he got a little taste of power. This power to control most of the World is what Blade wanted, even though it is hard Blade plans to achieve this secondary goal, his first goal is to achieve world peace but if you think of it both of these goals go hand in hand. Without power who is going to hear your voice and without a main goal why would you need power? There are many ways to obtain power but the way Blade is going to obtain all his power is out of fear and respect. Fear is the top priority, those who have learned to fear Blade and stay out of his way will be those who will have a brighter future for those who do the opposite will be shown why they should fear Blade.

Dislikes: Blade dislikes a lot of things, first he dislikes every buddy who goes against him. Blade will dispose of any buddy who think they have a chance of him, contradictions like this would usually get people killed, but Blade is different. Blade is a sociopath with a long history of violence, making guilt nothing but a word to Blade. Blade doesn't like people who contradict him, he also dislikes people who insults him. When Blade feels offended by a joke make sure you understand that he isn't going to let it slide, Blade is the type of person who doesn't feel guilt so if you die he won't even remember who you are in the future. Blade has killed so much people that it is impossible for him to remember everyone of his victims. The reason why Blade dislikes people who joke around is because his grandma was killed by a so called joker, it was suppose to be a really funny joke until the joke gave her a heart attack and killed her. Though it might be a stupid reason for Blade to kill anyone who insults or plays jokes on Blade but Blade doesn't give it much thought, what's done is done.

Catch Phrase: The Inner Machinations of my mind are an enigma..-Kufufufu-(That's the way he laughs, just saying)

Blade W.I.P Nationinformation

Nation: Japan
Affiliation: Japanese Goverment
Level: (Do not fill out this part of your application until you are given a level by an Administrator.)

Blade W.I.P Backgroundyl

History: (This is what has happened in your life. It is optional and does not need to be too long.)

Role-Play Sample: (How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.)

Blade W.I.P Abilitiesandweapons[/size]
Do not fill out this section until you have been given your starting level. Base what you put here on your level.
Ability: (One or two names that effectively describe your over-all abilities. Pyrokinesis, for example.)
Description: (Describe your abilities in detail. You may describe how it progresses with each level to make applying for Ability Updates easier in the future.)
Access: (If your abilities are very unique, put here whether it is open for others to use. Things like element manipulation are automatically available.)
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