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 Bastian, The Spartan King [Awaiting Approval]

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PostSubject: Bastian, The Spartan King [Awaiting Approval]   Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:51 pm

Name: Bastian
Spirit Title: Spartan; God of War; Son of Ares
Age: 232
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:

Royal Attire
A typical toga like clothing that is made from the finest clothe one can find in Vince Terram, the attire reminds him of his past life. The color is black and covers the left side of the upper body. It trails down into a robe like fashion stopping just below the knees. The sandals are made of leather with the inside part of it made of the same clothe as his toga so that his feet are always comfortable. On the toga are numerous gold and black designs the most noticable being one that has the Bardocian symbol for a king. Almost always there is a belt around the waist that has a built on sword sheathe so that the king never walks around unarmed.

Battle Attire
The royal attire of actually consists of all black leather chest armour, with a red trim. On the sides of the chest armour there is a gold design of a lion on either side. The chest plate fits perfectly to the body often showing off the physique. The shoulder guards are made of the same leather with a gold ram head on either shoulder. The gauntlets match the goldish color on the and cover everything up to just below the elbow. Around the waist is a cloth made of fine cloth and bears the emblem of the Spartan race. Under the cloth is another leather belt with that cut down like a kilt that has been stripped to numerous ribbons. The feet have large leather straps that have a gold plated iron on them that cover the shin area. And lastly the sandals are made of a tough leather that makes it easy to walk on sand to wet terrain without losing ones footing. This is worn usually before the eave of major battle thus when he is seen wearing it usually means there will be a declaration of war.

Typical Attire
When not in battle or not entertaining the guests in his royal attire, Bastian will don his custom made armour. The armour had once been a leather robe, but Bastian had the upper body portion removed completely. The lower portion remained so that it appears like a leather kilt, with the length stopping just at the knees. The color of it being dark brown with red markings that reads "King of Sparta" in the Greek language. The legs have gold plated iron leg guards that are strapped on tightly with a leather strap. On his feet he has brown leather sandals that unlike the other sandals he wears, doesnt expose his toes and instead have a iron bottom and front. He has several tattoos on his body that if looked at from the fight angle one could see it is of the Bardocian race symbol of war. The tattoo stretches from the legs on the left side all the way to the top of Bastian's bald head. On his hands are dark brown open fingered leather gloves made specifically for times when his hands might be soaked in blood and he doesn't lose the grip of his weapons. on his right arm is a gold plated armour that covers the entire arm up to the shoulder with a depiction of Ares, the patron God of the Spartan people. He wears a large leather belt that has a big gold plated buckle that also has a depiction of Sargonnas hold the symbol of the Ares people. The symbol represents that Ares had chosen the Spartans as his chosen leaders and the wearer of the buckle represents the chosen Ares who is rules as king. Its in this manner that whoever is king of Spartan is also considered to be the Son of Ares. On the back of the leather belt there are two sheathes made to hold the weapons of the king.

Bastian was considered to be the epitome of the Spartan race being that he is much bigger than the average Spartan in both height and weight, with his height being 7'0 tall and his weight being 250lbs of muscle. His physical build is very muscular as the Spartans lifestyle revolves around being physically fit and always take care of ones body. His body is well toned to the point that his skin feels harder than a average Spartan. His skin tone is pale despite the fact he lived in the dry region of where Sparta is located. Bastian is a man who always carries himself with pride to the point that even the way he stands shows this, despite his height he never slouches showing off his broad shoulders. His arms are thick and toned making it look as if he could crush stones just by flexing his muscles. His hands are rather large easily able to grab a large child by the head and lift him up if need be. His leg muscles are also toned and his calf muscle being hard enough that it looks as if he could run around the world without breaking a sweat. His feet are larger than normal a normal Bardocian to the point that his shoes size if measured are 15inch long. Size wise the Spartans considered Bastian to be one truly blessed by Ares and even before he became king was considered the son of Ares.

Even if he wasn't as large as he is, Bastian would still be a easily distinguishable due to his the scars and tattoos on his body. On the left side of his body is a large tattoo that covers from his leg to his head which serves as an homage to his entire race. None before him had ever chosen to show respect in such way which almost instantly made him a favorite brother to his people. To top this off his dedication to his people were match only by his lust for battle as the numerous scars on his body could easily show. The two most noticeable scars are the one he has over his right eye and the large gash he has in his stomach. Though there are several smaller cuts all over his body, the story of these two scars is yet another reason why the Spartans respect him as a warrior and as a brother in arms. He has a long dark brown beard that he does keep keep well trimmed showing that he does attempt to keep himself well groomed. His eye color is a dark green and his eyebrows are dark brown and have a natural angry look about them. He has all his teeth and ironically enough they are relatively white.

Sub-Race: Dark
Despite being battle hungry and often time blood thirsty, Bastian is a very honorable man when it comes to representing himself. He will never kill one that is loyal to him, or a good friend no matter what the crime, though he isn't above beating into a bloody pulp. He lives his life based on the code of the Spartan and will never do anything against this code of law made by his forebears. To Bastian his friends are his family and he would never do anything to forsake them. History states that the Spartans are a fearless race and to this end Bastian makes it a point to uphold this image of his people. Regardless the odds he is willing to take on the armies of the world itself alone for the sake of honoring his people. Though outsiders would find this a foolish trait, amongst the Spartan people this is considered the true manner in which a honorable man must live. This is why, despite his natural hatred for the japanese, Bastian respects the courage of these "tiny soldiers" as he calls them, due to the fact they these people do not fear death as the Spartans do and thus a worthy foe to their race. In his past he had a rather chaotic history with he Samurai's to the point that it made him respect the people even more, though it would almost kill him.

Bastian hates the weak in all forms and will never tolerate a ally at all. He is willing to put up with the weak outside of his inner circle, though he still finds it disgusting. This goes especially for those ally that chose the life of a traveler, as these individual represent the his trust in their ability to the entire world. Should he ever find a friend dishonoring the way of the he feels a warrior should live, Bastian would likely beat the man or woman until they were unconscious. Those in the in the place where he calls home that show weakness will likely get the same result though Bastian educate these people while he does it. Though in vice versa Bastian holds strong people in high regard, even to those that defeat him in battle he would hold no ire or hatred rather he will see them as a rival. Bastian feels that respect isn't earned, its taken. And as a result if someone blatantly insults him or he feels like he is being insulted, he will confront the person regardless of how dire the situation is at the moment. He would stand against his own patron deity, Ares, if the deity disrespected him and his people. This to is yet another trait that made him popular amongst Spartan people as well as outsiders across the world.

When it comes to war itself, Bastian sees this as a art form rather than just a chance to kill. Bastian feels that you can learn more about a person clashing blades than you could talking. He feels that a person true character reveals itself in the heat of battle, because at times such as these ones emotions always let loose whether they noticed it or not. Though he has a natural instinct to be drawn to battle, he is also a militaristic genius when it comes to controlling an army on the battlefield. He is a man that is always planning his next move and this aspect is actually how he treats life. Bastian believes that to live is a war in and of itself, as there are numerous things in that world that built to bring ruin to a man. This is why he dislikes the weak because in his mind the world has beaten these individuals and rather than fight back they simply took it, which is against the Spartan code that states "When knocked down, get up swinging". In this mind set, many may confuse Bastian for a battle crazed individual as he will almost always reference real-life to war, as this is the only way he can truly interpret the world in his eyes.

Lastly, Bastian is a man who loves a quality weapon. He feels that a man or woman's weapon is not just a tool but their partner. Thus naturally he has a attachment to his shield, Brethren, due to the history the two have. Ever since he had come across the weapon he has never parted with it and even had it made into his symbol that shows that he was royalty prior to becoming king. Should a situation occur where he has a choice between his weapon or risking his life by keeping it, Bastian will always choose the latter. To him his weapon is as natural to him as a good friend and will never just toss it aside regardless what anyone wants. Those who get to know him learn this very early in the friendship.

Catch Phrase:
Battle Cry: "Imperius Rex"

Nation: Vince Tarrem
Affiliation: Syndicate
Level: 5


A baby was born in a uncharted area just outside of Vince Tarrem. He was born in a brothel and shortly after birth he was taken from his mother to be used as a experiment. He was to be the first infant spirit born baby to undergo a procedure that would put the soul/spirit of another into his body. The soul they spoke of was a spirit that had died many years ago, around the time of when souls were still an unknown entity to the world. The spirit was one from an ancient race of warriors known as the Spartans, the warriors name was Bastian. These people were breed from birth to fight, and the soul that was to be used in Bastian was one of the most notable of Spartans. He fought countless wars and feared nothing, which ultimately lead to his death when he charged into in army in a last ditched effort to protect his home with only a handful of men. The people whom had taken Bastian as a child wanted that military genius amongst their ranks and thus managed to piece the spirit of the warrior back together if you will. Once done, they waited for a baby to be born that was 100% compatible with the spirit, thus Bastian was chosen. And like they hoped the transfer was an success and Bastian was truly born as a spartan warrior.

His years growing up were monitored as Bastian pretty much grew into what the scientist had expected. Bastian had a unnatural blood lust for war, so much so that he always fought whenever chance provided itself. What the scientist didn't know was that not only had the spirit instilled memory, but also personality. The spirit of the spartan had long since taken full control of the mind, causing whatever was left, if there was anything to begin with, of the boy and was now replaced with the mind of a full grown spartan warrior. Thus making a child of only 16 a very dangerous individual as he had the mind of a man that had seen hundreds of battles. Once this knowledge was figured out the true tests began, with the boy being tortured day in and day out. He was sent to fight on a daily bases against multiple enemies just to see the full on nature of the spartan fighter. And every time Bastian rebelled he was sedated and confined to the darkest parts of the holding areas until it was time for more tests. This went on well into his adulthood until he met a young woman he had begun to work at the facility.

The woman was a new hired member and she was charged with the task of feeding Bastian, due to the fact he was restrained at all times. The two would often talk about the life of the spartan race, well Bastian would talk. The woman would listen with eager eyes as if she could see all the things Bastian would say about his ancient home. He told stories of the numerous battles he had seen and the blood he had shed all in the name of his home. Bastian grew to enjoy the woman's company, as it took his mind away from his anger of his predicament. It was enough to allow him some peace of mind to tell his story to someone who would listen, unlike the scientist who wanted only to study his anger. It wasn't until much later he found that, when they wanted him in the ranks they wanted only his nature so that they could build an army of soldiers like the spartans. The young woman that tended to Bastian would be the one to relinquish this information which came at a dire price.

What the scientist didn't know was that the baby they had found had the innate ability to control vibration on a major scale to the point it could cause earthquakes at will. Once the news that he was to be used to make cheap copies of his entire race, Bastian's rage took over as he freed himself using this ability. The vibration would break the shackles that held him. In his rage he took it upon himself to kill any and every person he saw as he tried to destroy the project the scientists had been working on. When all was destroyed he reached his final opponent, the man who was behind the entire project. Bastian tortured the man for many hours before he finally twisted the man's head off with his bare hands leaving only the woman as the final survivor. Bastian looked upon her with hate in his eyes, the rage blinding him from what he really saw. He struck the woman full force sending her into the wall breaking her body on the metal walls. Only when all around him was quiet did he truly realize what he had done. He regretted that he had killed the woman, but he didn't linger on these feelings. He was left with one goal in his mind, and that was to show the world the might of the spartan race. This in mind, he made his way out and found on his way out ancient weapons that belonged to his people. Among these was his own weapon that had survived the wear of time and was revived with new metals. He hoisted the spartan shield and grabbed the double-sided spear, put on armour and stepped out of the building. He decided to leave the building standing, he would use it as his home for now and dubbed the building "Sparta". For now he would travel the world to see just how much time had changed since his own time.

Role-Play Sample:

On A Good Day:

On A Bad Day:

Do not fill out this section until you have been given your starting level. Base what you put here on your level.
Ability: Advance Tectonic Manipulation
Advance Tectonic Manipulation

Simply put this is the advance manipulation of vibrations on a scale that easily allows the user to control earth, increase damage, and even lessen the attacks of others. Anything that allows vibration to pass through it are vulnerable to this deadly ability, and is likely considered to be the most deadliest force in the world. Below is a list of how each level reflects the use of weapons, the users body, and even how it effects the area around him. The beginning stages of the advance manipulation begin at level 5, meaning prior to this level this ability is impossible to use thus making any explanation before level 5 pointless.

  • Level 5-6: The user is able to emit shockwaves with enough force that compares to 6.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. The shockwaves have enough damage to easily level a weaker constructs and if directly aimed on a single point can easily break bones on impact. If focus the shockwaves can be used to split the ground within a range of 30 meters, with the split being 10 yards wide. A basic punch is doubled when combined with the shockwave ability making any physical attack deadly if not properly dodged, even if blocked one would find themselves are sent back or at worst have a broken bone. The shock-waves can also be used as a means of a projectile by using the force from the shock-waves and expelling them from a weapon, fist, even a shout. Within the range of 20 yards, the user is able to increase the vibrations of any object or person, which in turn allows this ability to be considered an support technique when combined with another attack. Due to the advance manipulation of these shock-waves also allows the user to manipulate spefifc waves in the ground to distort the ground in such a manner that could leave one to believe that the ability is actually earth manipulation, being that the user can cause the shock-waves push up the surface that they have contact with to form anything from walls to spikes from the ground, walls, even ceiling. *This ability is considered both Level 5-6 due to the fact the ability has no change whatsoever when trained to the next level. What this means is that when the ability is trained to be increased to the next level, the word count for both levels 6 and 7 must be applied combined in order to reach level 7*

Access: Automatically Available

Weapon Template:
Quote :
Name: Brethren
Type: Shield
-Sub_Type: Hybrid
Rank: 3
Material: Carbon Steel ( Alloy 1090)
Description: The shield is fairly large being at least 5 and a half feet tall and and wide able to cover the body completely if held in front of the user. The edges are razor sharp and are often used to severe the heads of foes during the fight. The weapon is bronze colored and shines brightly whenever light touches it with the symbol of the ancient spartan race on the front in blood red.
Abilities: The weapon doesn't have much of an ability other than the fact it has the ability to be a conduit to the users own special ability. This means that the ability of the user can be more effective as it enhances the destructive force of each hit made by the weapon.

Item Template:
Quote :
Name: [What is the name of your item callled?]
Appearance: [This is optional.]
Type: [This is Medicine, Supplement, Enhancer, or Other.]
Natural Abilities: [What does your Item do? what are the effects? how long does it last?]

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PostSubject: Re: Bastian, The Spartan King [Awaiting Approval]   Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:41 am

Level 5.
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PostSubject: Re: Bastian, The Spartan King [Awaiting Approval]   Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:40 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Bastian, The Spartan King [Awaiting Approval]   Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:45 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Bastian, The Spartan King [Awaiting Approval]   

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Bastian, The Spartan King [Awaiting Approval]
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