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 Kyoko, Soul - Leader of Akakumo

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PostSubject: Kyoko, Soul - Leader of Akakumo   Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:50 am

Name: Kyoko, Soul
Secondary Title: Soulless Soul
Age: 47 (Half-Breed Teenager)
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance:

There is one thing that just about everyone recognizes about Soul the first time they see her. That thing that stands out above her other traits is easily her perfect long, white hair. It's extensive length essentially only goes down to around her waist area. However, she will often extend it's length to exceed her height when in combat as she can control and harden her hair to attack her target or defend against in-coming attacks through the use of her avid shape-shifting abilities. Her hair is easily characterized as being soft, clean, and well kept. Although she rarely takes little more than basic care of it, such as washing it, it somehow takes on a beautifully elegant appearance that leaves many baffled when she easily and carelessly allows blood slung from her enemies' bodies to splotch it.

Her second most recognizable trait would be her gleeful red eyes that seem to be slightly larger than others. Her large eyes are child-like in nature and easily convey her inner insanity when accompanied by her sadistic grin. Her facial expression is usually nothing less of childish and psychotic, even when fighting she maintains such an expression, not even caring if she takes even the most extreme feelings of pain. When taking on a large-scale transformation you can see a feint red aura of spiritual energy extending from her right eye (left when looking straight at her) that wraps around her body or the particular part that is being transformed. Although this is not necessary for transformation, it is often used to quicken the process by directly applying said leaking spiritual energy to the part she wishes to shape-shift.

Due to the fact that her psychotic natures lacks any feelings of shame, her choice of clothing attire could be called nothing less than revealing. A dark black bikini top that is dotted with the trademark red cloud of the Akakumo along with very short shorts of the same color and pattern comprise her basic clothing. The front of her shorts are completely unzipped, increasing the revealing nature of her clothing, due to her losing the zipper a long time ago and now being incapable of zipping it up. Besides her bikini top and shorts, she also wears pure red leggings, colored very similarly to the color of blood, that start half-way down her thighs and extend all the way down to her black heeled shoes. The heels are approximately an inch tall and have a thick blood red line that runs along the bottom.

Above her bikini top is her black hooded cape, patterned with the same red cloud insignia as her bikini and shorts, that hangs loosely along her shoulders and upper arms. Running along from underneath the cape all the way to her wrists are her pure red sleeves that are not particularly attached to anything but instead cling to her arms. These sleeves look as though they've been washed in blood daily, giving them such a bloody hue. They have long frills at the wrist area, giving them a slightly aristocratic appearance. They also hide heavy weights produced by her shape-shifting abilities that are wrapped tightly around her wrists. These weights weigh twice her weight, which her weight is approximately 111 lbs, and naturally increase the speed and strength of her arms when reabsorbed back into her body.

Along her lean five-foot six-inch body, a fairly short height for someone of her age and skill level, she possesses no more than one tattoo. Although it is not necessary permanent due to her having complete mastery over her body and its appearance, it is etched into her skin none-the-less. The tattoo is a '02' which sits approximately four inches tall on the lower right of her waist. It blends rather well with her skin and can be difficult to spot many times. The 02 signifies her position in Tasogare as the second-in-command. It is a rather defining quality of her appearance as most people recognize her as the second-in-command by merely spotting the tattoo of '02' as rumors have spread of it. There are no other 'permanent' tattoos that she ever has on her body, though she fakes some at some points for recon when she modifies her appearance.

Her skin is exceptionally pale compared to others, especially to that of spirits. Although she is a half-breed and roughly half of her DNA is that of a spirit, her skin can almost be described as literally white. However, she inherited other attributes from her spirit side. For example, she has retractable sharp teeth that can extend from her seemingly normal human teeth to tear into rough meat. This means that she is capable of consuming humans or even spirits. Her digestive system is also that of a spirit, which means that she can easily digest said humans or spirits. Her body figure, as many notice, is very curvy. Her slender body combined with her pale complexion leads many less intelligent people to aspire that she is a vampire of some sort. However, this is not the case. Although she is a half-breed, she is regarded as extremely beautiful, while the media often propagates that all half-breeds are disgusting in appearance.
Sub-Race: Half-Breed; White Human & Dark Demon
Personality: When she was only four, Kiyoko would always smile whenever she was with her mother and she was regularly at her side, holding her hand. Despite crying whenever she lost in karate, she started to smile again as soon as she saw Tenshi, her sister, when she came to pick her up from the training dojo. She was considered incredibly weak and lacking in many areas including will power and resolve. She was incapable of properly fighting any of the other karate students her age and would often not even try. To many she was nothing more than a weakling who did not even want to become stronger. In fact, such a thing was true until the death of her family.

The death of her father, mother, and sister, having been killed in the chaos that occurred during the Fourth Shinobi War, a way that caused much grief among everyone, pushed her mind into a state of insanity. The majority of her emotions were wiped completely from her being and replaced with pure evil and the relentless intent to kill anyone who crossed her path. This newly acquired resolve to kill turned her into something of a 'monster'. She takes the side of neither good nor evil and will kill those affiliated with either if in the mood or merely for the sport of it. However, for some reason share bares a feeling of loyalty to Akakumo and will not strike at them without reason. Sometimes even the smallest of reason. Her favorite color is without a doubt blood red, which leads to yet another highly unreasonable purpose for which she kills. At times she will kill simply because she wants to see the color again, splashing the blood across the room after they're dead just to see it on the walls and floor.

Due to her constant fights with unintelligent passer-byers and her seemingly emotionless look, many people are rather afraid of her whether it be because her preceding reputation or her careless demeanor when performing acts that would be considered by others are cruel and completely immoral. Regardless, she will question anyone with any position of authority without a moments hesitation. This has caused her to make a good number of enemies, however, the majority of said enemies did not survive to remain enemies. When Kyoko fights in combat she never fights to knock out the other opponent or merely 'win'. She always goes for the kill and always fight as if it were a death match. If her opponent is not dead than the fight has yet to end. That is her resolve and logical view on combat.

Another tendency found in Kiyoko is her corrective personality. She tends to restate facts in a more technically correct fashion, which has earned her the title by some as a smart-ass or seen as too determined to be correct. This is not the point, however, her sole reason for correcting people's technical mistakes is to make sure everyone gets the correct idea, and do not believe what isn't necessarily true. At times, Kyoko quite prefers a peaceful life of solitude, without the interference of others. She has an extremely improper social life, but is quite the strategic genius in battle; withholding the ability to conjure up plans at a moments notice, when they are most required - based on her own observations.

A few things that Kyoko likes very much are fighting, reading, science, and blood. Although she will fight without any motive what-so-ever, she enjoys it quite a lot. She is very well known for utilizing science when in any form of combat, this adding to her technique's lethality - because she will often combine multiple attacks to form a powerful combination. What also makes her quite a foe to go up against is her creativity and imagination, which drives her high ability to combine techniques in just the right way that makes them that much stronger. When she isn't fighting or killing someone she is often travelling or reading a book.

She feels no shame regardless of the situation, something that comes as a surprise to most. Usually, a psychopath of her nature would feel nothing but shame in similar situations with which she is faced, but she feels none. Such shameful situations could include walking around in the nude or changing in front of her fellow Akakumo members. Their presence means nothing to her and she does not see any difference whether or not they are there. Unfortunately, this also means that just about anyone who she will allow to get close to her can simply do shameful things to her such as groping on her or sometimes even further than that. This is strictly limited to those that she is on neutral terms with, however, such as comrades in the Akakumo or allies affiliated with them. Otherwise, no one would even be able to get close enough to do such things.
Catch Phrase: "I wonder... What you taste like?"

Nation: United States
Affiliation: Leader of Akakumo
Level: Level 5

History: It was a cold winter night in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, all was silent, and all was peaceful. Not for long though, for a scream filled the area with a piercing cry. The source of this noise came from a home not to far from a rather local Tokyo hospital. "Hold on!" Sasuno Kiyoko, Soul's father, told his wife soothingly. "We'll get you to the hospital!" he picked her up gently, and ran out the door towards the hospital that they lived so close to as fast as he could. He barged through the front door without a moment's hesitation and shouted to the receptionist. "My wife is giving birth, help us!" he shouted, as another loud scream echoed throughout the building. The receptionist seemed to hesitate with fear before pressing a small button on the desk and a beep was heard. "A baby is coming!" she shouted, frantically as medical personnel came in with a cot, placing the woman on it, and rolled her through the emergency doors. Sasuno followed his wife Nibu as the medical personnel rolled her away. He prayed silently to himself as they prepared to remove the baby by applying anesthetics and soothing the mother.

"We're losing her!" one of the nurses shouted, now becoming nervous as a drop of sweat swelled up and dropped from his forehead. "We can only save one of them!" another shouted, looking towards Sasuno. "Save Nib..." he began, but his wife gripped his hand with strength. "Save...our daughter..." she told him, her eyes watering as she let out another cry of pain. "I-I Ca-a-an't..." he told her, beginning to cry as well. "Save...her" she told him, now demanding before her grip grew weak and she screamed once more, now gripping the blanket. "We need an answer now!" the doctor, who was in charge, shouted. "Save...the child..." Sasuno told them, forcing out the last two words like raw meat. "Save... Soul..." he repeated as he crouched down taking his wife's hand as he caressed it gently. "Please. Take care of Ao..." she tried to say but it was too late. Her eyes sat emotionless and her face expressionless. She was now dead and the cries of a baby filled the room as the nurses quickly wrapped her in a blanket and handed her to Sasuno.

He looked at the baby with loving eyes as it cried. He began to softly rub the baby's head as it stopped crying and looked back at it's father with curious eyes. "I love you..." he said, looking towards his wife as tears streamed down his face. He walked out of the hospital, back home and placed the baby in the crib they had bought in advance. After covering up the baby and giving her a warm bottle of milk Sasuno went upstairs to his room where he lay sprayed out on the bed ready to be overcome by sleep. That day had been the worst day of his life. He lost his wife. But not only that, although he had lost a life he had also received a new one. 'Her name is... Soul Nibu Kiyoko...' he thought, drifting off into the empty void of sleep. He knew that he had long days ahead of him and a bigger job. He was now a single father and he would probably have to live in an apartment unless he was able to manage more work hours than he already had.

"Da-da?" Soul said, adorably. "That's right..." Sasuno told her lovingly as he picked up his infant daughter in his arms and cradled her gently. "I'm Da-da." he told the small baby girl, as he tickled her exposed belly. Soul was only one and a half years old and wore only a diaper and small shirt as she lay in her father's arms. "Ma-ma in hee-aaven?" Roxas asked, her eyes goggling as she looked past her fathers gentle and encouraging face to the pattern of the roof. "Yes. Mama in heaven." he reassured his daughter as he carried her outside. Many of Sasuno's friends passed by as they waved at the young baby girl. Some stopped to hold her or tickle her, or even introduce her to their pets or own children. Soul seemed to never be interested in any of it though. She would normally pay attention to everything around people, like nature, the sky, and everything that wasn't man made. She loved nature and the sweet scents of flowers and the colors of the different petals that were like sugar for her eyes. Although she had yet to know what any of this meant she was a pretty smart baby.

At the age of two she began to develop a liking for fruit. She loved how fruit could be eaten without drink because of how much moisture was in it. She especially loved cherries, tomatoes, and sometimes she could eat parts of watermelon if it wasn't too rough or hard. She was still interested in God and Heaven and about her mother and constantly asked her dad what her mother was doing. The same reply came every time "She's watching over us from heaven. She's with God now." Soul loved to learn and mostly enjoyed her father reading her stories about World War II and sometimes even fairy tales of damsels in distress and brave knights. She loved the stories a lot none the less. She always asked her dad if he was ever in the army and Sasuno felt a low wave of despair as he answered. "I gave that up a while ago." The cold response puzzled Soul. "Why?" the girl asked, in that broken tone that only young children had. "Because I met your mother, of course." Sasuno said, picking up his daughter and tossing her into the air before catching him easily in his arms.

When she was three years old she began to dream of what she would be when she grew up. "Daddy, I'm going to be a soldier and I'm going to kick butt! I'll even beat up all of the boy soldiers!" the young girl shouted, as she jumped around punching pillows. "No one will stand a chance against me!" and with that she kicked the pillow into the air and punched it into the wall. "I won't let anything happen to my little soldier..." Sasuno said, as he came up behind Soul and tickled her. Soul was subdued as she fell to the floor laughing. Soul loved playing soldier and loved to dream. Her father wanted to do anything he could to help his daughter achieve her dream of becoming the best soldier she could be, which is why he soon signed her up to learn karate and kendo.

(To save this from getting too long, I am going to skip the dad meeting a new wife, having Soul's half sister, etc. and go straight to the important part.)

Soul was only seventeen years old when it happened. The humans and spirits had begun their battle and Earth was the battlefield. Before that woeful day, Soul had faith in humanity and believed that they would easily overcome the invasion. At least that was until the battle became dangerous for even civilians. One of the many hot spots for spirit portals had been too close to her home and her family had been caught in the ensuing battle. Her dad and step-mom were the first to be slaughtered, trying to protect them, and finally her sister Tenso who had saved Soul from rubble falling from the ceiling. The sight of the blood painting the walls and floor along with the sickening smell filling Soul's senses almost drove her insane, however the next words from Tenso's mouth were what really broke her. The words. "This is... Your fault... You should have... moved... Soul." the words of blame turned Soul's eyes from sadness and despair to a sinister grin. Her hand slowly shape-shifting into a glimmering metal blade, her sinister grin now etched into her face and into her sister's final thoughts. "It's your own fault for saving me." she giggled the words as she decapitated her sister's head from her body, blood splotching her clothes and sword as she left, still giggling hysterically.

Role-Play Sample: The day was certainly something to bewilder when you were in the Hidden Leaf Country. Always such a beautiful deep blue sky, such wispy clouds lingering above as if it were the heavens themselves. Golden rays of sunlight shining down upon the country below like golden arrows shot from the very arrow of Artemis herself. Anyone else would have cared about such things and mused at how the gods of nature favored the leaf country so. Fuka, however, was much different from such a person. All she was in the sky was the atmosphere of a thriving planet, sunlight scattered to give it it's blue color. There was nothing logical about gods and goddesses. Nature was a matter of logical explanation and scientific reasoning. There was no room for beauty or sentiments. Although Fuka stood under the same expansive sky as any other shinobi, her thought processes were in a whole different world from any other she had come across. Her chilling nonchalant attitude, her monotone, non-caring way of putting things. It seemed as though she lacked any emotion what-so-ever at times. In fact, such a thing could probably be said to be completely factual.

Minuscule blades of grass scattered, carried off in the wind as her quiet step brought the weight of her foot onto the soft grassy field. The sole of her shoe softly tore at the base of such greenery, loosening it for the wind to scatter freely. With quiet movements she made her way through the Public Park, searching for any Jinchuriki that might be within the area. With attentive ears and eyes that constantly scanned her surroundings, the rogue Akatsuki member moved with agile steps, unknowingly nearing two female kunoichis nearby. "My-my name? Its uh.. its. Rialen.. Rialen Kanakosa.." Fuka stopped instantly in her tracks, recognizing the voice she heard to be that of a fellow Akatsuki member. She recalled hearing it at least once during the recent meeting, the bearer of it being someone she had not really paid much attention to. Fuka wasted no time in memorizing the name, suppressing her chakra signature substantially to avoid detection by obvious means. She simply moved closer to the source of the sound, moving just enough so that the two who she had been looking for came into the view of her ocean blue eyes.

She had heard and taken note of their conversation, everything that occurred after "Rialen's" introductory statement. As the two came into view, Fuka finally realized how she had noticed an abnormal chakra signature. She recognized the Jinchuriki not for who she was but for exactly what she was. A powerful weapon that her duty was to capture for the sake of Akatsuki. This girl was nothing more than a weapon and that was the end of it. Fuka was without an explanation as to why Raina was associating with a Jinchuriki and had yet to confront it. Did she not know that the girl was a Jinchuriki? Was the partner of the Akatsuki Leader himself truly so ill-informed that she did not even know a thing about the very people they were purposed to capture? Fuka had forgotten that there were other options, her mind suddenly enlightened with the knowledge. Even though she did not care for it, other people actually possessed emotions and sentimental thoughts. Perhaps the female Akatsuki member harbored feelings of love for the Jinchuriki. Perhaps it was a mere crush. Taking a glance at her face it became obvious. The red tint of her cheeks said absolutely everything that Fuka needed to know regarding the situation.

'This should not be a problem if my only opponents turn out to be the two of them. Even a third opponent will not be a hindrance.'

Fuka thought silently on her actions before making them, her blue eyes the same impassive gaze as usual, almost detached from reality itself. She stood at her full height, though it was certainly not much. Her acute figure being only four feet and eleven inches tall, even for a 13 year old she was certainly short. Fukayoroi glimmered in the bright light of the Hidden Leaf Country as the young girl moved closer towards the two, her eyes fixated in the same emotionless stare as usual, this time focused primarily on Raina, and partially on the Jinchuriki. Fukayoroi was specialized armor designed specifically for Fuka. It clung tightly to her figure but was comprised of a comfortable yet highly durable metal. It's highly flexible material yet strong endurance made it something that Fuka never left the house without. It was capable of easily absorbing the shock from physical attacks while also facing sharp projectiles and bladed weapons with ease. It covered just about her entire body except for the bare skin around her forearms and the portion of her legs that were not covered by the miniskirt she wore. It was made of the same standard material as Fukachesno, wurtzite boron nitride.

It was likely that Raina had recognized her presence and who she was by now, if she had yet to notice then she was certainly not a decent kunoichi. Her formerly closed mouth slowly opened, letting the words she wished to speak come right out, not sparing a single detail for the sake of anyone. "Raina. What are you doing with a Jinchuriki?" With that she turned her head to look at the other kunoichi. "Our mission is not to befriend them, desu. Our mission is to capture these creatures." Fuka let the word 'creatures' roll off her tongue without a care, her hands clasped behind her back in the unknowing form of a handseal. If either of them became infuriated or defensive then Fuka was perfectly prepared. However, she doubted the Jinchuriki would assault a snotty thirteen year old girl. For through her eyes, Fuka was nothing more than just that. Raina, on the other hand, was someone she would be more wary of. At a mere four and a half feet away from either of them, Fuka would seem susceptible to a surprise preemptive strike. Obviously Raina, if she really did care for such a thing, would attempt to protect her against a fellow Akatsuki member. How things played out was solely dependent on how she reacted. Her actions would pull the trigger.

Ability: Advanced Shape-Shifting
Shape-Shifting: The user’s genetic and cellular structure instantaneously rearranges according to mental input from the user. The clan member uses this ability in a slightly different manner than normal, however. Rather than merely being able to modify her appearance and the way she looks, she is able to further this ability and transmute specific parts of her body such as her limbs, torso, or abdominal area. The only part of her body that she is incapable of manipulating with this ability is her brain or heart, therefore is incapable of creating an extra or replace them if they are damaged. There are different types of shape-shifting that she can use in combat, sometimes using multiple types at once.

Weaponry: Whether it be shape-shifting her hand into a long katana or her entire arm into a giant cannon, the clan member can manipulate her body to produce just about any type of weapon. By transmuting her body on a cellular level the weapon produced, such as a katana, can also be strengthened by transmuting it into a metal or merely increasing the carbon level to produce something similar to a carbonized dermal material. If she produces a cannon or other launcher-type weapon, she can utilize her own spiritual energy and condense it into powerful spheres to discharge from the weapons. They act similar to regular blunt-impact projectiles but can be more of a nuisance due to the fact that merely hitting the spiritual energy with something stronger would merely disperse the area hit while the rest continues on it's path, rather than deflecting the entire bullet.
As shown in the picture above, the bullet comprised of spiritual energy was sliced down the middle by a sword, but the two remaining halves continued forward rather than diverting trajectory.

Mechanisms: The clan member can manipulate her limbs to create mechanisms that may serve a variety of purposes. Such purposes can include the use of pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms to substantially increase jumping height, soften landings from extremely high places, or to multiply the strength of a punch or kick to something much stronger. Other mechanisms include but are not limited to: wings capable of flight sprouting from the limbs or back, high-powered roller-blades developing around her feet to increase her speed and agility. Being able to develop mechanisms to enhance her physical capabilities opens up a large variety of options in combat for the clan member

Dermal Transmutation: Dermal transmutation deals with the transformation of the body on a cellular level, particularly the skin. She has the ability to re-arrange the configuration of carbon atoms of her body, allowing her to convert her skin into a graphene material. She usually uses this ability to partially strengthen the density of selected parts of her body during battle, but can extend the effect to its entirety. In this form, she resembles a black-skinned demon with a malevolent facial visage. As the clan member has control over the configuration of her body's carbon atoms, the substances that she can convert her skin into can vary based on her intentions. She can choose to convert her skin into a diamond-hard material, or she can turn her skin into a material as weak as charcoal.

Dermal Transmutation is not limited to just strengthening or weakening the durability of the body, however, but also extends to converting the entire body into a rubber-like material. This allows her to extend her body and limbs to extraordinary distances, giving her limitless flexibility to avoid in-coming attacks that, normally, her inherent bone structure would disallow. She will often use this to her advantage in close-combat encounters in order to strike from seemingly impossible angles and dodge attacks from multiple areas simultaneously.

Regeneration: Her body in general is capable of quick and swift regeneration or generation of cells to replace those that have been damaged, infected, or are lost to her through shape-shifting. This is a key ability to her transformations as many of them require more body mass than her small body possesses. This allows her to generate more cells to perform feats such as transforming her small arm into a large hammer. Obviously, it can also be used to heal minor damage to her body such as a limb that has been chopped off or a stab wound. However, as her shape-shifting ability are limited to her body, so is her regeneration. Any damage dealt to the brain what-so-ever can not be regenerated. Same goes for her heart as her heart is the source of her spiritual energy. This has lead to her weak spots being notably the head and the heart.

Weapon Creation: Rather than transforming her body parts into weapons, the clan member can also produce a weapon that is separate from her body such as a scythe, sword, or hammer and simply hold it with her hand. These weapons, produced using a combination of her shape-shifting abilities and generation abilities, can also be used by others, but can easily be degraded into nothingness merely by touching the clan member who created it and her willing it.

Physical Appearance: As basic shape-shifting ability, the clan member can use her shape-shifting abilities to modify her over-all physical appearance. This includes but is not limited to the modification of her hair color, eye color, height, weight, skin color, and even clothing. Her abilities in this area are incredible as she can even completely shape-shift into another person or simply shape-shift into a small animal for espionage.
Her shape-shifting abilities are not solely limited to these types.

Along with her shape-shifting abilities, Soul also possesses strength and agility that rivals that of many others; she is able to hoist a giant cannon composed of pure steel without even making an effort and can move so quickly to react to attacks that few can hit her.
Access: Limited to Permission

Item Template:
Name: Akakumo Cloak
Appearance: Hooded cape in appearance.
Type: Clothing.
Natural Abilities: The hooded cape that Soul wears around her shoulders and back is reinforced with a highly durable, yet flexible, element called wurtzite boron nitride. This material, when the slightest bit of pressure is applied, will strengthen into a material over 80% stronger than diamond while still maintaining its signature flexibility. This allows Soul to wear it loosely as clothing while it also defending her, for the most part, from attacks coming from behind.

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You forgot the RP Sample bro, add that and you are approved.
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Fixed. Sorry. Haha.
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Kyoko, Soul - Leader of Akakumo
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